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May 13th, 2014 | Posted in: Spicers Canopy
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Three weeks ago we took a group of six strangers out to Spicers Canopy to experience the new Scenic Rim Trail as part of a photo and film shoot. We were blessed to have the most wonderful group of people who truly loved taking on the trail and embraced the whole Spicers experience. Below is a poem from one of our guests sharing his experience from the two-day shoot. Thank-you Alan for this thoughtful gift…we are so lucky to have shared this experience with you and the entire team.


Wind and climb, through the Gap to the plateau,

And there you’ll find the white house, which sits, lonely,

Looking back across the valley.

Then caravan your way along the winding track,

Through fields and forests, past sleepy cattle and broken fences,

To an unexpected scene of high-class canvas and a rustic lodge

Which will serve as home for your short stay.

And before retiring, look up in wonder at a night sky which sparkles white,

Like a chocolate cake dusted with icing sugar,

With stars reaching down to the tree-tops,

And realise you are truly somewhere else.


Before the sun appears, you rise to a painted sky

Full of reds and rusts and purples and greys

Turning soft in the warm and welcoming light.

But don’t tarry! The game’s afoot!

The programme’s proposed as the crew assemble

The paraphernalia of their trade:

Tripods and booms and cameras and costumes.

Time to work! Just ambling through fields of wild-flowers and cow-pats,

Followed, like an army unit on patrol,

By the ever-present buzz of the drone.

Reset! Make-up! Do it again!

Repetition, but not tedium as you find your mark

And retrace your steps, all the time looking and talking and smiling.

But there’s more! For after wood-fired pizza and coffee and cake,

A secret place, of wobbegongs and wombats, like a siren calls

And we retrace ancient footsteps over dappled stone.


Another morning brings twisted ankles and birthday candles

Before a four-wheel drive through dust and mud and fields and fords

To the base of the summit – our final climb.

But still there’s time to look in wonder at the valley

Enclosed all round by soaring hills echoing to the sounds of

Bell birds and cockatoos and ghosts.


Penultimate place to visit before all is done and adventure ends.

One final walk through tall grass and sparse woodland.

And here, a parasite, which clings and burrows and reminds

That every Eden has its serpent.

Still, skilfully removed and good spirits restored,

Finally, we walk through pasture green in scattered sunlight,

To our destination. Where to dress for degustation

With hair aflame in setting sunlight, here at the Peak.

Where far below, not above, lies the Canopy.



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