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May 15th, 2017 | Posted in: Spicers Potts Point

 It’s official, there’s just over 6 weeks until our first ever urban retreat in Sydney opens up it’s doors to the public. 

Renowned for it’s historical beginnings, Potts Point is abundant with stunning Victorian terraced houses dating back to the 1800’s. It’s no wonder that our latest venture aimed to pay the utmost respect to its original conception. 

The value in the heritage of the buildings acts as one of the hotel’s primary appeals, with a significant focus on the careful restoration of the property during construction. From the thoughtful rejuvenation of the original floorboards to the meticulous restoration of the hundred-year-old decorative fireplaces, there has been no compromise in retaining the historical integrity of the original buildings. Sydney’s newest and most personal boutique hotel boasts a sophisticated interior that embraces its Victorian heritage alongside elegant contemporary stylings.

As excited as we are about our new urban retreat, we are just as excited with what lays beyond these carefully curated walls. With Sydney’s best restaurants and cafe’s, the Sydney CBD and the harbour attractions at our doorstep, Potts Point serves up a hub of surprise and delight for our guests. 

Comprised of just 20 guest rooms, Spicers Potts Point is much more than just a beautiful refuge in an iconic location. Spicers Potts Point invites guests to savour a personalised experience that is unique to the Spicers Retreats brand and unlike any other hotel in Sydney.

Be the first to discover Spicers Retreats’ first urban retreat in Sydney.

Spicers Potts Point opens to the public on June 30.

Click here to book your stay. 


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