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Experience the Milky Way under a dark sky free of city light pollution with our stargazing experience. Some say the rising of the Milky Way is more spectacular than any sunrise or sunset and at our Maryvale retreat you can experience all three.

The galactic core of the Milky Way changes position in the sky depending on the location and season. Winter is prime time for stargazing at Spicers Peak Lodge and given our unique high altitude location there is zero light pollution.

June brings the dense central cluster of the Milky Way into view and offers the chance to spot nebulae, which are clouds of dust and gas. Scorpius and Sagittarius also come into view. During July, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars appear in the skies above. August continues with long nights and generally clear skies with Scorpius and Sagittarius being the highest constellations. By September, nights are shorter and the Milky Way galaxy is heading to the western horizon.

If you are a keen or even novice photographer here are some tips to shoot the milky way.

  • Use a digital camera with good ISO capability and start at 3200 ISO
  • Use a fast wide angle lens with maximum aperture at least f / 2.8
  • Use a tripod and set a long shutter speed
  • Shoot in raw so you (or a professional) can work with the image afterwards

Bookings are essential, contact reception to book.

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