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Humans have used fire in their rituals since the dawn of our species. That element has such primal power to influence us, to create focus, intention and to help us succeed. When Homage restaurant was born the name had precise meaning and purpose. We were paying Homage to the land, the people and the produce.

The land – the rich soils of the Lockyer Valley, the most fertile farming area in the Southern Hemisphere. It is a reference to the 12,000 of acres of land, known as “Old Hidden Vale Station”. The land has been rehabilitated for native wildlife, houses the largest wildlife refuge in Australia and is home to a wildlife breeding and release facility. It gives to us and we give back to it.

The people – a reference to the history, the people who once lived here, such as the famous Cotton family. To the local farmers and producers who support us and save us the very best. This meaning has deepened further for us as it was the locals who fought the fire in April 2018 and showed up in the weeks that followed.

The produce – a reference to provenance – a promise that we would only use sustainable, ethical and, where possible, organic produce on our plates. We took this a step further with the introduction of our 89 bed market garden, bee hives, animal nursery and preserving room, driving toward our goal of zero waste and self-sustainability.

Cooking yabbies over coal

Breakfast Menu

  • Thick saddleback bacon, tomato pickle, gruyere potato cake
  • Avocado, fresh mint, sprouted seeds, orchard citrus, local fetta, celeriac toasted sourdough
  • ‘Market Garden’ poached eggs, green salad, pickles, avocado, garden herbs, beetroot mascarpone
  • Yoghurt parfait, fresh berries, wood roasted apple, toasted granola
  • ‘Our Benny’ poached eggs, Homage farm ham, tarragon, hollandaise
  • Homage honey crumpet, lemon myrtle and riberries
  • Rosevale Beef Reuben sandwich, house kraut, gruyere, special sauce

Your choice of juice
Orange • Apple • Pineapple

Koko Coffee Roasters – Glossy Black Blend


  • Bacon and eggs on toast
  • Waffles and ice cream
  • Yoghurt and berries

Breakfast is served 7:30 – 9:30 am. 

À la carte Menu


  • Emu heated gently over fire, emu egg, buckwheat, cauliflower
  • Murray cod lightly pickled, bush lemon, lettuce only picked today
  • Mushroom, egg yolk, pine, fermented garlic
  • Homage farm pork roasted slowly over coals, rhubarb, tallow
  • Wood fired leek, smoked hen, warrigal green, macadamia


  • Grandchester grain-fed sirloin baked in hay and milk, coal roasted celeriac, smoked and dried beef, like diane sauce…but not
  • Next door’s heritage-breed rooster, soured cream, garden lime, sugarloaf
  • Kangaroo sausage, native pepper, bread, Vegemite and onion gravy
  • Barcoo grunter cooked over fire, tomato, fermented grain
  • Homage farm lamb, sheep’s milk and whey
  • For two: Rosevale beef brisket roasted over coals, frickles, wood fired onion sauce, sprouts, baked potato


  • Chocolate, macadamia, rosella and emu egg
  • Rhubarb, riberry, mascarpone
  • Mandarin, marigold, wood fired slapjack
  • Pear baked in salt pastry, potato skin, almond milk
  • For two: Goat camembert baked over coals, a few things from the garden and preserving room

Sides – $12

  • Tomato salad, fermented tomato, soft herbs and black garlic
  • Wood oven baked potato, whipped scallion butter
  • Brussel sprouts finished in the wood oven, garden ferments



  • Mushroom, egg yolk, pine, fermented garlic
  • Variations of celeriac and apple
  • Coal roasted leek, macadamia and warrigal green


  • Fresh curds lightly fried, fermented barley and scallions
  • Local sweetcorn, sesame and gentleman’s relish
  • Coal roasted sweet potato, puffed grains and garden bits


  • Chocolate, macadamia, rosella and emu egg
  • Carrot, almond, fromage blanc
  • Strawberry, goat’s milk and toasted grain
  • Pear baked in salt pastry, candied fennel
  • For two: Goat camembert baked over coals, a few things from the garden

Two courses $75

Three courses $85

7 course tasting menu $115

Available for lunch and dinner. 

Tasting Menu

  • Homage farm pork, potato patato
  • Red claw yabbies cooked over ironbark
  • Native fish, preserved lime, warrigal green
  • Wood fired rooster wing
  • Homage farm lamb served in a familiar way
  • Rosevale beef aged in tallow, gentleman’s relish, meat juices
  • Leaf scale
  • Bush bread, honey from our bees, ironbark and barley


  • Damper, spent coal
  • Fermented green tomato, flowers from the garden
  • Coal roasted leek, macadamia, warrigal greens
  • Fresh curds lightly fried, fermented barley and scallions
  • Local sweetcorn, sesame and gentleman’s relish
  • Mushroom, egg yolk, pine, fermented garlic
  • Leaf scale
  • Damper

$115 per person

Always evolving, ever changing.

Barn Menu

  • Wood oven roasted Homage farm lamb, flat breads, jalapeno, fermented macadamia – $34
  • Chicken and gravy roll’ pasture raised hen roasted over the wood fire, wood roasted chicken sauce – $28
  • Rosevale beef brisket with fermented cabbage and charred lime – $28
  • Homage burger with hand pounded chuck, brisket and tallow, wood fired tomato and jalapeno ketchup, cheese, pickle, hand cuts – $28
  • Homage farm ham finished over the fire, winter greens, fried egg – $30
  • Charcuterie, a selection of cured meats, a few things from our preserving room, cheddar, toasted sourdough, smoked butter – $28
  • Hand cut chips with garden salt and dirty ketchup – $12

Vegetarian options available.

Available for lunch and dinner.

Kids Menu

  • Homage chicken nuggets, chips, salad
  • Ham and pineapple pizza, chips, salad
  • Steak, chips, salad
  • Ham and cheese quiche, chips, salad

All kids meals include a soft drink and ice cream to finish $20.

Available for lunch and dinner.

Gourmet Picnic

  • Selection of house and locally sourced meats
  • Antipasto vegetables and Mount Zero olives
  • A selection of our favourite cheeses with condiments
  • Gourmet fresh baguettes, with meat and salad filling
  • Tomato and goats curd quiche
  • House made sweet treat

$45 per person.

Please order 24 hours in advance.

Group Dining Menu

Our group dining menu’s are designed for groups over 12 guests and showcase our menu and the best Homage has to offer.

Banquet menu

  • Beef brisket marinated and roasted over fire
  • Coal roasted whole chicken
  • Wood oven baked lamb leg, mint and horseradish
  • Young potatoes, roasted garlic and thyme
  • Whole baked pumpkin, Homage honey and macadamia
  • Fresh picked greens
  • House bread and butter


Homage honey damper, native berries, macadamia ice cream.

$85 per person.

Three course – alternative serve


  • Coal roasted pumpkin tart, sprouted seeds and garden flowers
  • Homage farm pork, wood fired tallow, davidson plum
  • Local fish baked in paperbark, lemon aspen, wild fennel
  • Lightly smoked and coal baked chicken, leek and macadamia


  • Coal roasted pasture-raised chicken, sweetcorn, macadamia, scratchings
  • Slow roasted Rosevale beef brisket, béarnaise, scallions and beef fat potato
  • Lamb shoulder baked in our wood oven, green pea, courgette, preserved tomato
  • Grandchester 150day grainfed sirloin, celeriac slowly baked over the fire, aged garlic, red leaf


  • Homage honey damper, native berries, macadamia ice cream
  • Chocolate and espresso tort, vanilla bean ice cream
  • White chocolate bavarois, honeycomb and local berries
  • Local brie and a few garnishes, Homage sourdough

$85 per person.

BBQ menu

  • Homage sourdough
  • Marinated beef brisket cooked over coals
  • Sticky wings, mild garden chilli, fresh herbs
  • Marinated and coal roasted pork collar, sugarloaf slaw
  • Famous local sausages
  • Warm potato salad, bacon, cheese and scallions
  • Freshly picked salad greens


Homage honey damper, native berries, macadamia ice cream.

$75 per person.

All menu’s are seasonal and subject to change based on produce availability. Chefs are happy to cater to specific dietary requirements.

To make a dining reservation please phone 1300 179 340.