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Our Ingredients


With passionate and skilled culinary teams who have been collaborating and creating non-stop for the last few years, and the recent bounty of produce from our new market gardens and the local region, we feel it is worth celebrating our culinary connection with the land and it’s producers as well as Australia’s thriving gastronomic scene. 

There are common threads between all Spicers’ restaurants; the time that goes into the preparation of each ingredient, the thoughtful and generous service, the ability to offer guests an immersive experience, and the constant collaboration between the chefs, although each restaurant has its own unique character inspired by people and place. Each property has its own take on self-provision from a huge variety of herbs at Spicers Clovelly Estate to the bees and homemade honey at Spicers Peak Lodge as well as developing 89 garden beds at Spicers Hidden Vale.

Working closely with local producers, who are considered part of the Spicers family, including a number of farm suppliers who are now working directly with the chefs to create bespoke produce for each season and menu, is a fundamental part of Spicers culinary philosophy. As Spicers is growing its culinary credentials and commitment to sustainability there is now an additional emphasis on home grown produce.

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