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Spicers Balfour Hotel:

At Spicers Balfour Hotel even though we are city based doesn’t hinder our sustainability activities. We are proud to be continually working towards, and always looking for more sustainable practices. Some of our sustainability initiatives include:


At Balfour Hotel we use a composting machine called CLOey. The machine allows the retreat to put food scraps to use and reduce waste going to landfill while keeping the nutrients in the soil. The compost is then picked up from our local farmer to be used on his farm. We are diverting 10 tonnes for food scraps each year from landfill through this amazing initiative!


In partnership with Hive to Harvest, Balfour Hotel has installed beehives to help the urban ecosystem around New Farm. We use the raw honey in our delicious dishes.


By discovering Brisbane by bike, it gives you the opportunity to explore the city at your pace while looking after the environment with zero emission. So, it’s not just good for you it is good for the planet too!


Our partnership with Scouts Recycling was launched in November 2018 with the inception of the Container for Change introduction into Queensland. This has allowed us to divert cans, bottles & containers from landfill and add value back to our community through the Scouts program.


Our onsite rooftop vegetable garden ensures our guests receive the freshest ingredients in our farm to table mentality and it keeps our menus interesting with our chefs creating specialty dishes featuring seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Meet our Green Team Leader Nick Stapleton

What does sustainability mean to me?  

I think looking back at my childhood and having more like minded people around me has brought new focus to the idea of sustainability. Being a chef and dealing with such a huge amount of produce and the process of turning it into meals. You start to think very hard on what i can do to help change our footprint left for my son and the next generations to come. The voice in the back of my head keeps asking; ‘have I used this produce the best that i can? ‘Have I used the prawn to its full potential? Have i used this vegetable in the best way possible and not wasted the soil, water and time the farmer gave to it? What have i put back into the earth good & bad.’

How do you see yourself being able to influence the business with green practices?  

Keeping the ethos in everyone’s head, on why we are doing this. Letting them see the size and impact we are bringing to our surroundings. By keeping it so prevalent in their minds at work I hope the team take it home and continue our state of mind in everyday life.    

What value do you think being a Green Leader is to you personally & professionally?

It makes you look deeper. Looking at everything, not just the surface. It makes you question why are we doing this, why are we doing that and how can we do this better? How can we look after our environment and our community? Is it for the greater good?  As a father I can hopefully help guide my son to have these ideals. As a chef, with our current social impact on media it can help give strength to the movement of sustainability of farms, animals, fishing and recycling.

Head Chef Nick Stapleton at the Balfour Kitchen Brisbane

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