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Spicers Clovelly Estate:

At Spicers Clovelly Estate we are proud to be continually working towards, and always looking for more sustainable practices. Some of our sustainability initiatives include:




Our onsite vegetable garden ensures our guests receive the freshest ingredients in our farm to table mentality. The garden keeps our menus interesting with our Head Chef Chris Hagan creating specialty dishes featuring the seasonal vegetables and fruits on his plates.


Spicers Clovelly Estate works with Enviro Sand to recover glass waste such as wine and spirit bottles that previously were destined for landfill. The crushed glass is converted into a valuable glass powder that is later used for building material and kitchen benchtops. This allows us to close the loop on our waste, assist to build a circular economy and assist the building industry to create a sustainable future.


Our restaurant, The Long Apron partners with Environmental Oils to prevent used cooking oils and fats from going to landfill. These oils would end up contaminating landfill, clogging up waste water systems and polluting our waterways. The oil is then repurposed into bio-diesel which produces less pollution than using a petroleum-based diesel.


The Long Apron sets the romantic scene with organic beeswax tea light candles which are made from pure organic Australian beeswax from the Northern Light Candle Company. The candles have the safest fume rating of any candlelight and one tea light candle takes 25,000 bee flight hours to produce so we make sure we use every drop. The packaging comes plastic free and without the aluminium case ensuring zero waste goes into the environment.


Our partnership with Scouts Recycling was launched in November 2018 with the inception of the Container for Change introduction into Queensland. This has allowed us to divert cans, bottles & containers from landfill and add value back to our community through the Scouts program.


Here at Spicers Clovelly Estate we are supporting The Last Straw campaign by implementing paper straws at the retreat. The Last Straw campaign aims to tackle the plastic waste issue in Australia and through our company wide policy we are encouraging guests to use less straws and our team and businesses to offer a more environmental alternative.


Sting-less native bees reside in our beehive in our gardens and their honey is used by our Head Chef Chris Hagan to create delectable dessert dishes with our local and zero food mile honey.


At Spicers Clovelly we offer a beautiful Kokopod Honeycomb Chocolate as a welcome gift for guests. It is presented in a petite glass dome with a zero waste and no plastic philosophy in mind so you can enjoy a guilt free treat.

Meet our Green Team Leader Shawnee Spain

“Sustainability means to me working towards improving our way of life. It is about taking care of our planet so that our planet can continue to take care of us. I see that I will be able to add awareness to the team which is vital to sustainability. It requires that we take action- which is a natural outcome of my thoughtfulness, by doing so I will become an example for others who then may be empowered to do the same. I think that being a green leader will help me to recognise the immense power we have as consumers and to make more choices that reflect a sustainable conscious life.”

Spicers team member recycling

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