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Sustainability Initiatives at Spicers Hidden Vale

Spicers Hidden Vale:

At Spicers Hidden Vale we are proud to be continually working towards, and always looking for more sustainable practices. Some of our sustainability initiatives include:


We grow our own produce in the market garden to reduce food mileage and to verify its origin and freshness. To ensure no resources go to waste, Hidden Vale has put in place rain barrels to catch and store rainwater for watering the veggie garden and surrounding grass.


Our wildlife refuge partnership with the University of Queensland is about protecting our natural assets. Spicers has created a centre for UQ Students to research native and endangered animals at Spicers Hidden Vale.


Our partnership with Scouts Recycling was launched in November 2018 with the inception of the Container for Change introduction into Queensland. This has allowed us to divert cans, bottles & containers from landfill and add back value to our community through the Scouts program.


Spicers Hidden Vale works with Enviro Sand to recover glass waste such as wine and spirit bottles that previously were destined for landfill. The crushed glass is converted into a valuable glass powder that is later used for building material and kitchen bench tops.


The honey from our onsite beehives is used to create amazing dishes at our restaurant, Homage. One of our dessert dishes uses the beeswax served from a replica beehive frame and all!


Homage Restaurant works with Cookers Oils who take their oils that would end up contaminating landfill, clogging up waste water systems and polluting our waterways to re-purpose them. The oil is taken and turned into bio-diesel which produces less pollution than using a petroleum-based diesel.


At Spicers Hidden Vale Retreat you can now recharge your electric car. The retreat has a Tesla recharge station which allows you to pull into the parking space, plug in, and re-charge overnight.


As our restaurant produces more organic waste than can be composted onsite, Spicers Hidden Vale works with Mallow Sustainability to reduce waste. They are a small hobby farm that picks up 275L of organic waste per week to produce organic compost. As of January 2019 we have diverted 5 tonnes of food waste from landfill.


We have partnered with Settler Hives who give us a seed to give to our guests as a parting gift so guests can plant them in their own gardens. The aim of this is to have more bee food in our environment to sustain the bee population and therefore an abundance of flowers, fruit and vegetables will be pollinated.


Our chefs have embraced the old and forgotten skills of the past by pickling, dehydrating, preserving and smoking food waste. Join in on one of the Market Garden Tours while you are here to see the Smokehouse in action and see the rows of pickled and fermentation jars in our pickle shed.

Meet our Green Team Leader Lianna Holocuk

“I am super excited to be part of the Spicers green team to help Spicers Hidden Vale on their sustainability journey! I am very passionate about the environment and reducing my environmental footprint, so I cannot wait to apply the knowledge I have from my role within the business and I am looking forward to learn and collaborate with others.”

Lianna Holocuk Green Team Leader Spicers Hidden Vale

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