Spicers Peak Lodge:

Situated 1100 metres above sea level on a mountaintop clearing in the Scenic Rim, it’s no wonder that Spicers Peak Lodge is as unique as it is beautiful when it comes to the changing seasons.

With each month bringing a change in temperature, colour, flora and fauna, we have gathered seasonal activities and experiences for guests to indulge their senses, at all times of the year.

So whether it’s unwinding by the crackling fireplace after a cold winters day or immersing yourself within the summit’s picturesque landscape on a summer afternoon walk, there’s something for everyone at Spicers Peak Lodge.

Seasonal Natural Occurences

  • Australian wildlife and rare & threatened species.  Two species of kangaroos – the common wallaroo and eastern grey. Three different species of wallabies – the endangered brush-tailed rock wallaby, the whiptail wallaby and red-necked wallaby. The array of mammals also includes koalas, long-nosed potaroos, long-nose bandicoots and brush-tailed phascogales.  Rare and threatened species include the powerful owl, glossy black cockatoo, double-eyed fig parrot, sooty owl and the cascade tree frog.
  • Eight to ten degrees cooler than Brisbane, providing a respite from high summer temperatures and the opportunity to experience a ‘real’ winter.
  • Situated over 1100 metres above sea level and on 8000 acres of uncultivated land, Spicers Peak Lodge is nestled amongst some rare and threatened flora, such as Bailey’s cypress pines and myrtle-leaf mistletoe.
  • Uninterrupted views from all over the property of the World Hheritage listed Scenic Rim, including views of Brisbane on clear days.
  • Bordering on the world heritage listed Main Range National Park, Spicers Peak Station provides vital habitats to many rare and threatened species.

Nature & Wildlife Experiences

  • Get to know Spicers Peak Station intimately with our guided downhill mountain bike tour.
  • From a nice stroll to a serious hike, all our walking & hiking tracks offer breathtaking vistas and close encounters with the flora and fauna.
  • Our pre-dinner aperitifs are always delicious, but combine them with an exciting 4×4 sunset tour to Ryan’s Ridge for a sense of adventure and luxury as you soak up the splendor of the Scenic Rim with a drink in hand.
  • To truly get an idea of the secluded luxury of Spicers Peak Lodge, take a scenic helicopter flight of the region. Taking off and landing on our own front lawn you will feel like James or Jane Bond with the Great Dividing Range and the Scenic Rim opening up beneath you. (Weather dependent – click here for more info).

Food & Wine Experiences

  • The Peak, our hatted restaurant, offers nightly five-course degustation menus with unique wine pairings. Designed to showcase the best of modern Australian cuisine featuring premium produce from around Australia, complemented by the local produce.
  • Wile away your time with a romantic gourmet picnic by the fire pit or lake.
  • Bathe in the sunset over the Scenic Rim while enjoying a picnic of wine and cheese.
  • Experience what the land has to offer with a Queensland high country native bush tucker.
  • For a special reserve wine to sip by the fire or with dinner, enjoy our Cellar Master wines handpicked by our sommelier, Peter Marchant.
  • The epitome of our belief at Spicers Retreats in supporting local farmers, ‘Eat Local’ week at The Peak features a gourmet long table lunch supplied by local producers and paired with local wines. (30 June – 8 July 2018. Click here for more info)


Indigenous Season Months Seasons Average Temperature (min) Average Temperature (max) Additional Information
Jiorrk January Summer 16 30 Escape the heat of the cities to enjoy perfect summer temperatures and see the mists engulf the mountain as you spend time in the clouds.
February Summer 16 29 Unmissable summer Sunsets, from parts of the summit walks, the suns rays burn through the forest setting it alight with colour.
Bungarung March Autumn 15 27 Amazing autumnal colours on the mountain, as the seasons change experience the true colours of our great burnt land.
Jungalk April Autumn 11 24 Warm days and cool nights, the best of both worlds, enjoy the great outdoors throughout the day and snuggle at the firepit at night
May Autumn 7 21 Even as the nights cool, the mountains produce glorious surprises, spot the rare Blue Knob Orchids burst into life
Malaparr June Winter 4 18 Experience the cosiness of winter in the Great Dividing Range by warming up in front of your own fire in your suite
July Winter 3 17 As the land quietens enjoy walks through the crisp and clear days at Spicers Peak culminating with beautiful sunsets
August Winter 3 19 Lounge around on the plush couches around our great fire, you may even see a light dusting of snow
Worrwopmi September Spring 7 23 As the warmth returns to Spicers Peak experience its yearly rebirth as wild mountain flowers explode into life.
October Spring 10 25 Wallaby Birthing season, a truly unique Australian experience found here on the summit.
Wakaringding November Spring 13 27 Spicers Peak offers habitat to a large range of endangered creatures. During this month you are likely to see the threatened Bush Tail Rock Wallaby
December Summer 15 21 Enjoy the power of mother nature from the comfort of our Lodge during the spectacular storm season