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Guest Reviews - Potts Point

Guest Rating Score™
Rated 9.3/10 from 149 reviews

What is the Guest Rating Score™

The Guest Rating Score™(GRS™) is an independent assessment of this hotel's quality rating based upon consumer reviews from around the internet.

The GRS™ is calculated by analyzing more than 100 million consumer reviews in 40 languages from more than 100 leading online travel agencies and review sites.

Provided by ReviewPro the leading provider of online reputation management analytics for the hotel sector, the GRS™ offers a complete and unbiased measurement of this hotel's online reputation.

Some of our most recent Reviews:

Google - 8 months ago - Milton Kim 5 / 5 ★★★★★ I feel like this place has a nice mansion or home vibe. Their balcony gives warm, relaxed and welcoming impression. Staying there makes me feel that I'm having a decent getaway from an exhausting life. They don't have a fantastic view or exceptional service, but operating the honest bar(you write down on their sheet if you take out any beverages from their bar)and the cozy lounge area where guest can have a bottle of wine at late night will gives you more room to be relaxed without any disturbance.
Google - 8 months ago - Rabbi Danny Yaffe 5 / 5 ★★★★★ An Oasis and Jewel! You know how you sometimes come across a service that ticks all the boxes and more? Well this is one of these services! As a regular boutique hotel client across Sydney at 5 star hotels, this one was unique. It felt homely, warm welcoming, but had that professional, clean and customer catered feel. Classy and affordable while not being cheap or crass. We felt like we were not in Sydney but rather in a unique environment! We will de be back soon!!

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