Spicers Sangoma Retreat:



Exclusive & Unique Events

Are you looking for an intimate and also tranquil venue for an engagement, birthday or celebratory soiree? Spicers Sangoma Retreat provides the ideal location for a unique special occasion celebration.

Nestled in the Blue Mountains, this relaxing all inclusive retreat can hold an intimate get together, a cocktail party for up to 120 or is perfect for exclusive use events.

With a fine dining restaurant, communal lounge and bar plus a rejuvenating day spa, outdoor fire pit, and plenty of experiences on offer, the retreat makes any special celebration memorable.

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Dine at Sangoma Retreat

An ever-evolving menu inspired by fresh local ingredients delivered with a masterful touch.

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Spicers Sangoma Retreat

Cocooned by the natural serenity of the Blue Mountains, Sangoma is a place where you’ll re-discover true connection and rejuvenation.

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