Sangoma Signature     60 min $150 | 90 min $195
Experience the integration of Traditional Healing practices with contemporary massage techniques, flowing through in unison to immerse your senses into stillness. Feel the invigorating dynamic movements & gentle rhythmic motion of a Signature Sangoma Treatment, the ultimate healing session to nurture your Spirit, to relax the Mind & to rejuvenate the Body.

Dova Therapy      60 min $150 | 90 min $195
A bespoke restorative treatment to alleviate muscle aches, release tension and encourage the flow of nutrients in the body.  The therapeutic benefits of this bodywork is tailored to your desire, to improve muscle tone, promote circulation and decrease the physical effects of stress.

Aromatherapy Massage     60 min $150 | 90 min $195
Surrender into relaxation with the decadence of pure botanical emulsions. Combined with the uplifting effects of a flowing full body treatment & restful acupressure, Sangoma Aromatherapy is the essence of bliss

Essence of Amatshe      60 min $165 | 90 min $220
Amatshe – Mother Earth’s stones & gemstones infused in aromatic botanical emollients are used to release its energies deep into the muscles. Hot basalt stones to ease tightness & cold gemstones to gently relax the intricate muscles on the face & neck. Over all a gentle massage to dissolve tiredness & alleviate the effects of stress in the body. Let go of your body’s tensions, feel the difference.

Youth Elixir Spa Facial     90 min | $195
The ultimate anti-ageing treatment offering an infusion of precious omega serums and opulent essential oils to deeply rejuvenate replenish and renew. Enriched with exquisite essential oils of rose balsam, crushed nut butters and anti-ageing vitamins to deliver the ultimate hydration treatment.This indulgence includes a gentle hand & foot massage

Take a Little Extra Time

Body Khuhla     30min | $75
An invigorating body scrub treatment for the full back of body.  Allow yourself to indulge in Natural botanical and enzymatic exfoliates to cleanse & polish the skin, while the gentle massage stimulates circulation to help detoxify & nourish the body.

Knead More     30 min | $70
Extend your Spa Anise experience with a 30 minute  Massage Treatment of your choice.

Petit Spa Facial      30 min | $75
An express facial designed to offer a quick pick-me up to brighten, nourish and revitalise using pure cold press plant oils, fruit extracts, French clay and a hydrating infusion of essential oils

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