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Spicers Sangoma Retreat:

At Spicers Sangoma Retreat we are proud to be continually working towards, and always looking for more sustainable practices. Some of our sustainability initiatives include:


Spicers Sangoma Retreat was Eco-Certified by Tourism Australia in 2016. The ECO Certification program assures travellers that certified products are backed by a strong, well managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high quality nature-based tourism experiences.


CLOey is Sangoma’s in-house compost machine that turns our food scraps into compost. The machine produces a high nutritional compost that is picked up and used at a local farm in exchange for fresh seasonal fruit and veggies. This reduces the food mile and increases community collaborations, closing the loop on our organic waste.


We are trialing AirconOff to automate the climate control system in rooms, making sure the air conditioners are at a comfortable temperature level all year round. This helps create a seamless indoor & outdoor experience with a touch of extra heating and cooling on days when nature needs a helping hand.


We have two 110,000 litre water tanks that collect rainwater for use at the retreat. Any leftover water from meals is collected and used to water the garden, ensuring nothing goes to waste.


We utilise fallen leaves and small branches of mainly Eucalyptus trees to assist with lighting our main fireplaces. Evoking the delicious scent of the Australian bush and heighten your senses.


We have solar panels on the roof of the main retreat building to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, creating our own green energy with the rays of the sun.

Meet our Green Team Leader Lauren Middleton

Lauren will be leading the Green Team at Spicers Sangoma Retreat to new green heights. She believes that sustainability is about ensuring nothing is wasted.

“It is about avoiding things that are a ‘one off use’ to ensure minimal waste and the impact on the environment. I think it is about making sure that the choices we make are made based on the impact it will leave behind. By being a leader I can set the right example for green practices around Sangoma. I will do this by showing the team how easy it can be to be green and it can help them follow through with the same practices.

For me it is all about ensuring minimal impact to the environment and that our carbon footprint on the earth is non existent or minimal. Knowing I can come to work and have a team that helps follow through with the ideas and plans to make sure our environment stays green and clean is comforting.”

Staff member at Spicers Sangoma Retreat crushing bottles

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