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Spicers Vineyards Estate:

Spicers Vineyards Estate is nestled in the eco-friendly community of Pokolbin in the Hunter Valley. Sustainability is encouraged within the region and we pride ourselves on continually working towards a sustainable retreat, and always looking for more sustainable practices. Some of our sustainability initiatives include:


We grow our own produce in the market garden to reduce food mileage and to verify its origin and freshness. This fresh produce is then used to create culinary masterpieces for our restaurant as part of our paddock to plate mentality.


Crackle is our onsite pet and compost pig. He eats all of our leftover food, helping us to close the loop on our organic waste. This reduces the amount of waste going into landfill and helps avoid the greenhouse gas methane being released into the atmosphere.



We have been collaborating with companies like Mallow Sustainability and The NSW EPA Bin Trim Program to reduce our waste going into landfill. Since the partnerships begun early in 2017, we have reduced our waste going to landfill by 64 tonnes and increased our recycling rate to 44%.


Here at Spicers Vineyards Estate we are supporting The Last Straw campaign by implementing paper straws at the retreat. The Last Straw campaign aims to tackle the plastic waste issue in Australia and through our company wide policy we are encouraging guests to use less straws and our team and businesses to offer a more environmental alternative.


In 2018 we introduced a glass crusher for our bottle waste from our onsite restaurant, Botanica. The result saw a reduction of glass waste going to landfill. The team found it fun, engaging and therapeutic at the end of the shift to crush the glass and also loved knowing they are assisting in helping the planet one bottle at a time!


At Spicers Vineyards Estate our amenities onsite in our guest rooms are Appelles. This beautiful range of products feature a combination of the finest essential oils with botanical extracts to deliver outstanding results. To add to the luxury we have now replaced the small amenities bottles to give you a limitless supply of soap in large pump bottles to reduce the plastic waste going to landfill.


At Spicers Vineyards Estate you can be fully re-charged in body, mind, spirit and now your car. We have now installed Tesla recharge stations which allows you to pull into the parking space, plug in, and re-charge overnight.


Spicers Vineyards Estate has joined forces with the Plastic Police® who recycle the retreats soft plastics into value-added materials and products for our community. If you can scrunch it you can save it through Plastic Police®.

Meet our Green Team Leader Sara Wennerblom

Sara is a champion in sustainability. “I grew up loving nature and spent most of my childhood in the forests and on the coasts of Sweden. Sustainability to me means predicting the future, and it is a way that we can find the balance between technology and nature to sustain our modern way of life.

Sustainability for me means caring for myself, my surrounding environment and all beings that inhabit it. I believe the future of tourism is green, and I am privileged to be a part of an organisation which cares for our environment and how we leave this earth to future generations.

Knowing that I have the ability as a green leader to influence this through the day to day operations, with recycling, reducing waste, reusing what can be re-used or finding more sustainable alternatives, is thrilling.”

Spicers Vineyards Estate Green Team Member

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