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SRT Express:

Are you short on time but want maximum hiking time on your holiday? The SRT Express is the perfect option.


3 nights staying at Spicers eco camps
4 days of guided hiking with experienced guides
All meals and select beverages
Luggage transferred daily
Return group transfers from Brisbane
Hiking gear provided (or bring you own)

Valid for select departures only
Tue 13 Jul, Tue 10 Aug, Tue 24 Aug, Wed 25 Aug, Tue 7 Sep


$2,399* per person twin share


Day 1

Spicers Balfour Brisbane to Spicers Mt Mistake Farmhouse

6:30am- 6:45am – arrive at Spicers Balfour Hotel located at 37 Balfour Street, New Farm. Parking is not available at the hotel for the duration of the tour, so we recommend looking into alternative transport arrangements. If you are delayed or need assistance you can call us on 1300 597 540. Note: The hotel restaurant does not open for breakfast until 7:30am, so please ensure you have had something to eat before arriving. If you are staying the night before a breakfast pack will be provided.

Depart 7:00am – travel to the start of the trail located at Thornton, which is a 1.5 hour drive. From here your luggage will be transferred up the mountain as you embark on your first day of walking. Bathroom facilities are available at the start of the walk.

Trail – today’s trail is approx. 10km on Grade 4 trails – “Suitable for experienced walkers as navigation and technical skills will be required (guides provide this expertise). Trails will be long, rough and steep in sections. Rock scrambling required. We use the natural rock to navigate some sections and your guides safely lead the way.”

An adventurous day that sees you climb up the Mistake Mountain Range with a 600m ascent. A highlight is the 16m rock ladder, which you’ll be safely harnessed to. You will stop for lunch once you have all reached the top of the ladder.

Approx. 3.30pm – arrive into Spicers Mt Mistake Farmhouse welcomed with a cool drink, afternoon tea and a great sense of achievement. From here the afternoon is at your leisure.

6:00pm – daily briefing in the lounge area where your guides will provide you with key information for the next day followed by a share style dinner with your group.

Day 2

Spicers Mt Mistake Farmhouse to Spicers Amphitheatre Eco Camp

If the sky is clear we highly recommend watching the sunrise from the escarpment.

7:00am – breakfast served, with tea and coffee available earlier. Note: times may vary depending on weather & conditions and your guides will notify you the night before of any changes.

After breakfast you will pack your luggage and make your final preparations for the day. Your guides will provide you with your lunches, show you where to refill your water bottles before departing.

8:00am – walk out of camp saying farewell to your hosts who will transfer your luggage to the next camp. Note: departure time may also vary depending on when breakfast is served.

Trail – today’s walking distance is approx. 18km on mostly a Grade 3 trail – formed track with some obstacles. There will be short steep hills and steps, with the final hour of the day spent on a Grade 5 trail – unformed track, likely to be very rough, steep and unmarked.

The walk starts with a meandering climb where you’ll see evidence of the 2019 bushfires. Today you’ll have your first Gondwana Rainforest encounter, a taste of what’s to come. As we emerge from the rainforest we follow a former logging trail, some sections aren’t under canopy so in the warmer temperatures we take plenty of water breaks. In the final section of the day we step deep into the rainforest on a private Grade 5 track that takes us into camp.

Greeted with afternoon tea and a cool beverage on the Amphitheatre viewing deck, our friendly hosts eagerly await your arrival. Your hosts will take you up to your treehouse like cabin giving you an orientation and briefing for the incredible camp you now find yourself in.

There are two communal wash pavilions and after a well earned shower you are welcome to make your way to the lounge to relax. Sunset at the viewing deck is highly recommended

6:00pm – daily briefing before dinner.

You may wish to leave the tilt door in your cabin open overnight (there is a fly screen) and enjoy the sounds of the forest.

Day 3

Spicers Amphitheatre Eco Camp to Spicers Timber Getters Eco Camp

Each cabin has a yoga mat so feel free to roll it out on your private balcony or take it down to the viewing deck and enjoy some morning relaxation and stretching before breakfast.

Following our morning routine of breakfast, packing and gathering our gear for the day ahead, we say farewell to our hosts and start our day.

Trail – today’s walk entails Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 track. The total distance is approx. 16km. We start the day with a relatively flat warm up as we make our way up the access road enjoying the sounds of the rainforest birds as we go. This initial track can sometimes get muddy so we may have to skirt our way around some puddles as we make our way past.

As we descend into the valley we become enveloped by rainforest. Approx. half of today is on Grade 5 trail with our guides leading the way on the unmarked trails. We ascend down some rocky boulder sections that will require us to crouch down and go slowly. The pace is slower as we take care with our footing navigating the tree roots and rocky sections.

The last section of the day offers a climb up to camp where your hosts will be waiting to welcome you to Spicers Timber Getters Eco Cabins. Architecturally the camps are the same however each has a unique interior and exterior.

Formally a loggers camp you can view the old tin shed that once housed loggers ‘timber getters’ of the era.

Gather in the lounge for your daily briefing ahead of dinner at 6pm.

Enjoy a night cap after dinner before turning in for a restful night sleep.

Day 4

Spicers Timber Getters Eco Camp to Cunningham’s Gap and return to Brisbane

The birdlife is beautiful here particularly at dawn for the early risers. Following our morning routine of breakfast, packing and gathering our gear for the day ahead, we say farewell to our hosts and start our final day of walking.

Trail – today’s walk includes Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 track. The total distance is approx. 16km. We start the day with a heartwarming climb up the fire trail past an old pine plantation. Once at the top we once again head deep into the rainforest on Grade 5 track.

We come across some huge rainforest trees with buttresses six feet tall. Once again the pace is slower as we all take care with our footing navigating the tree roots and rocky sections. As we emerge from deep in the rainforest we climb up and over Bare Rock offering 360 degree views on a clear day. The climb is not an easy one, but the views from the top are definitely worth it.

From here we join the public trails and will often pass fellow walkers not many of whom will ever venture where you have just been. In the final section of the trail the modern world comes into earshot as we hear trucks carrying goods from the coast to the west.

With your final steps taking you to Cunningham’s Gap the bus will be waiting to greet you. Bathroom facilities are available at the end of the trail. The 1.5 hour drive back to Brisbane will have you pondering the amazing journey you have just completed.

Approximate arrival time to Spicers Balfour Hotel is 5.30pm however this will vary depending on the speed of the group and weather conditions.

Here we say a fond farewell as you depart with, new friends, life long memories and a renewed love of nature. If you would like to add on a night at Spicers Balfour either pre or post tour we would be happy make a reservation at time of booking.

Frequently Asked Questions


How many people are there per tour? Maximum 12 walkers per tour accompanied by 2 guides.

Is there phone & internet access? Phone reception is quite limited however wifi is available in the main lodge at each camp. Please note that being a remote location internet can be intermittent. We ask groups to have phones on silent while hiking so fully emerse yourselves into your surroundings.

What is the distance of the walk? The walk is 60km in total. Day 1 – 10km, Day 2 – 18 km, Day 3 – 16km and Day 4 – 16km.

What level of fitness do I need? You need a high level of fitness to comfortably complete the walk. The trails include substantial Grade 5 track with no formed track so you need to have good aerobic fitness for the ascents and good stability and balance for the technical trails. Day 1 of the walk includes a 600m ascent and a 16m rock ladder.

What should I pack?

  • Please bring one water resistent duffel style bag (or similar) with a max. weight of 12kg per person.
  • Good walking shoes that have been used regularly & recently. Please note shoes that have not been regularly used often result in the sole of the shoe detaching on the trail.
  • Come prepared for the cold with thermals, fleece jumper, gloves, beanie, scarf & light weight down jacket. Having the right gear makes all the difference.
  • Quality rain jacket gortex or similar
  • Shirts, lightweight long pants, multiple pairs of hiking socks
  • Comfortable evening wear & ‘house shoes’
  • Shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, suncream, bug spray & hair dryers are provided for you at each camp
  • If you would like to bring your own hiking gear please let us know otherwise we will provide you with a day pack, water bottles with poles & gaiters as optional extras

Can I stay at Spicers Balfour before and/or after? Is there parking? Yes you can stay at Spicers Balfour pre or post tour and we will happily make those reservations for you. Parking is not available while you are on the tour so we recommend getting dropped off or arrive by taxi.

Valid for select departures only. Single supplements not available on these tours. Payment required in full at time of booking. If your travel plans are impacted by Government initiated restrictions due to COVID you will be required to change to a later date. Please refer to our general terms & conditions for all other terms including cancellation.


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