Short Course Classes

Short Course Classes


Short course demonstrations run for 2hours at $45 per person, including tastings.


Show off your experience to your friends and family with this fast food class offering a unique and interesting menu that is  quick and easy  to cook and will surely please the crowd.

  • warm salad roasted carrots & yoghurt
  • chopped green salad
  • whole baked fish
  • eton mess

One of the best and favourite cooking methods for showing off your cooking skills.  Learn to prepare and cook different styles of meat products and ideas to compliment your skills and methods.

  • how to spatchcock & grill a chicken
  • prepare your own beef
  • rack of lamb
  • chimmi churri sauce for chicken
  • quick red wine sauce
  • pesto

The best way to finish your evening is with a sweet treat. Though classic and simple desserts sometimes don’t turn out the way you would expect, learn the chef’s hints and tips to create your favourite dessert.

  • vanilla crème brulee
  • anglaise
  • chocolate mousse
  • crosatatta

Ranging from country to country and dating back for centuries. Learn the versatile ways of creating your own bread with different cooking methods, filling or toppings and even make your own butter.

  • white bread dough
  • focaccia
  • pizza dough
  • flat bread
  • steam bun
  • butter

Learn the art of dumpling using a variety of cooking methods. Create unique dumplings with various fillings, pastry wraps and neat folding techniques.

  • pot sticker
  • steamed dumpling
  • fried wonton
  • shu mai