Five Tips For Sharing Joy This Christmas!

Christmas is all about giving and sometimes the smallest gifts have the most impact.  Be sure to share a little joy with Spicers 5 tips to spreading Christmas cheer:


1. Give someone a compliment! We always think it so just say it!  Don’t be afraid to share a compliment as you’ll easily make someone’s day with this small gesture.

2. Share your umbrella! If it’s raining out and you see someone caught in the rain it’s easy to share your umbrella and help someone else stay dry too!

3. Share a smile even with strangers! You’ll usually be rewarded with a smile back… catches!

4. Call a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to for a while (and social doesn’t count!). It’s so refreshing to actually pick up the phone and have a conversation and ask ‘How are you going?’

5. Take your friend or partner out for a surprise lunch, breakfast or wine and celebrate a moment in time! Sometimes life gets in the way so be sure to reconnect with a loved one this Christmas.