50 Things to do at Spicers this summer

If you’re a city dweller chances are summer holidays are the time you yearn to getaway, relax and unwind after the year that was. But the annual coastal migration comes with highway traffic, parking wars, long queues and soaring prices. So we’d like to let you in on our little secret . . . go in the opposite direction. Here’s our top 50 summer holiday ideas to make your break just that bit more special:

1. Go swimming – morning, noon or night
2. Relax on a sun lounger by the pool and fix that office tan
3. Treat yourself to a Spa Anise massage, facial or both
4. Get your right brain working with a good book or two
5. Be adventurous and sample a variety of summer cocktails
6. Enjoy the simple pleasure of summer fruits – mango, peaches, nectarines and cherries for a start
7. Unplug from technology and purposefully connect with each other – tell bad jokes, make ‘top 5’ lists and play board games
8. Trade foot massages with your significant other
9. Make the time to catch the sunrise or sunset
10. Take an afternoon siesta
11. Sway in a hammock with a chilled champagne (or two) in hand
12. Enjoy a picnic under the shade of an old tree
13. Get out of the city for some star gazing & chart the sky above – the Sky Guide app is a great start
14. Eat dinner alfresco in the balmy evening air
15. Go for a morning bushwalk and work up a thirst
16. Kick off your shoes and play some bocce & croquet on the lawn
17. Dust off your Scrabble skills & challenge your companion
18. Make a proper occasion of dining out – the kind of food you can’t make yourself
19. Meditate & do some yoga
20. Eat ice cream . . . daily
21. Cool down with an iced coffee or espresso martinis – your choice
22. Give your inner sloth some love and sleep in late
23. Indulge in a long bubble bath
24. Relax on your balcony with a cheese plate & a frosty beverage
25. Set out to meet new people and make new friends
26. Read the newspaper and do the crossword
27. Go for a mountain bike ride
28. Check-in your phone with reception & take a digital detox
29. Pick up one of the many non-fiction books learn something new
30. Zone out with mindful colouring
31. Connect to Wi-Fi, find a podcast & lose yourself for a few hours
32. Partake in a wine or beer tasting at the bar
33. Grab some binoculars and do some ornithology (bird watching)
34. Try the signature cocktail
35. Delve into the world of sudoku
36. Have a chat with the chefs & learn more about the produce they use
37. Explore the surrounding region or nearest town
38. Plan a private dining experience on your deck
39. Grab your iPhone or DSLR camera and brush up on your photography
40. Lay out one of our big beach towels poolside and read your favourite magazines
41. Take a cocktail making class
42. Find a shady spot & phone an old friend to catch up
43. Stay in your robe & slippers all day and all night if you wish
44. Join our chefs in the market garden for a sample of our summer produce
45. Explore the amazing artwork pieces around each retreat
46. Send a friend or family member an old-fashioned letter
47. Try your hand at a game of tennis
48. Enjoy an outdoor bath
49. Go on a hunt for our outdoor swings
50. Book in for a helicopter ride to another Spicers property and enjoy lunch there