Autumn Produce Inspiration

Tips for delicious seasonal dishes you can make at home over autumn.

1. Pine mushrooms have a short seasonal window. Go with something really simple, like mushrooms on toast.

Autumn produce

2. Figs baked with local blue cheese and honey are fantastic.

Figs are great autumn produce

3. Persimmons can be a bit challenging, but you can slow bake them. They have a great flavour. You can compress it with a little salt or vinegar and serve it with an octopus dish to cut through the richness of the octopus. At home, baking it is sensible, with a little bit of brown sugar. You can treat it the same way as quince, which is my next on our list.

Autumn produce

4. Quince is a delicious fruit and is underutilised. People see it in paste but if you bake it low and slow for a few hours, it’s delicious to use as a sweet or savoury. You can quarter it, bake it and serve with cold grilled duck or you can cook it down and have a nice piece of stewed quince to match your heavier cheeses.

Quince fruit

5. Chestnuts are not always easy to source however with Australia’s 300 odd orchards you should be able to find a source, the reward is definitely there when eating them. Roast them and make a nice French chestnut, apple and frangipane tart. Frangipane is an almond-flavoured sweet pastry cream used when preparing various desserts.

Apple and Frangipani Tart

Words by William Holmes