Billy’s Gardening Tips for This Summer

1. Just like us, our plants love food this time of year! Try a liquid fertiliser and plenty of water early in the morning or in the cool of the evening to help plants flourish over summer!

2. Keep the bugs away naturally by planting some companion plants such as marigolds or sunflowers. These will not only help protect your veggies by keeping away insects but they’ll also add some colour to your patch.

3. It’s a great time of year to refresh your mulch, especially after you’ve watered. Not only will it retain moisture but it will help prevent weeds popping up!   Billy recommends going natural with some Sugar Cane Mulch!

4. To help your plants out this summer, do some weeding. By tidying up your flower beds or vege patch you’ll also cut down competition between your plants and weeds for water and nutrients.  Just think how amazing your beds will look once this job is finished!

5. If you’re going away for Christmas help your plants stay alive with some water crystals. Add mulch to keep in some extra moisture.

6. Of course a popular gift this Christmas is one that will keep giving throughout the year and a plant will make you popular this festive season! Pick a lovely Orchid, some succulents or even a tomato plant.