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Cam’s ultimate Christmas left-overs recipe

 Salad with pickled mango, mint & chilli chutney, peanut dressing


SALAD:                                                       MANGO, MINT & CHILLI CHUTNEY:     

Left-over duck, ham
turkey or prawns
1 mango, diced
400g soaked rice noodles ½ cup champagne vinegar
Cos lettuce, finely shredded ½ brown sugar
1/2 cup roasted, crushed
½ red onion sliced finely
Fried shallots 1 tbs. green pepper corns
2 julienne carrot 1 tbs. torn coriander
Picked & washed coriander
/Vietnamese mint
/holy basil leaves
4 tbs. shredded mint
Kecap manis 1 tbs. chopped flat parsley
1 med. chilli chopped finely
2 drops Tobasco sauce
1 tbs olive oil



Peanut butter, smooth Fried shallots
Sesame oil Bannana leaf
Olive oil



1. For the chutney: combine all ingredients, stir and allow to infuse for 1 hour

2. Warm duck/turkey/ham in the oven moistened with a little kecap manis, if using prawns keep fresh

3. In a bowl combine all ingredients except the crispy shallots and half the peanuts, stir well.

4. Dress with peanut dressing and scatter peanuts and shallots over


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