A Tamarind Classic: Chilli Hero Cocktail


30ml Malibu
30ml lemongrass syrup
15ml fresh lime juice
10ml of chilli infused vodka
Squirt of Siracha sauce
Crushed ice
Optional garnish: dried chilli, salt


  1. Wet rim of glass and dip in salt (optional)
  2. Squirt sirracha into bottom of martini glass
  3. Crush ice and fill martini glass
  4. Mix all liquids and fill glass
  5. Garnish with dried chilli (optional)

Note: To make chilli infused vodka simply slice the chillies and mix with the vodka in a large bottle or jug. Leave for 4-5 hrs. Strain out the chillies and pour back into a bottle to store until needed. You can always throw in a whole chilli afterwards to differentiate!