Summer skin savers by Waterlily

1. Hydration Heroes

Hydrated skin is healthy skin!  Our skin is one of our key pathways for elimination and detoxification.  Perspiration can lead to a decrease in the skins moisture levels during the warmer months and one too many cocktails can lead to dehydration.  Make sure you are staying topped up with an least 8 glasses of water daily.

To moisture lock skin look for products free of congesting synthetics including mineral oil and petrochemicals.  Instead choose skincare products enriched in light weight essential fatty acids.  Oils like pomegranate seed, argan, marula and jojoba are not only biochemically compatible with the skin but they are nutrient dense and provide an effective delivery system for other active ingredients.


2. Smooth Operators

Regular exfoliation buffs away flaky dead skin to not only reveal a youthful complexion but prepares skin for effective infusion of active ingredients.  The benefits include a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles along with increased hydration and luminosity.  The perfect way to prime skin for Christmas festivities.


 3. Après Sun

Summer means a healthy respect for the sun.  Make sure you wear a hat and protect skin with a suitable sunblock.

Take time out weekly to treat skin to a botanical face masque to replenish, nourish and rebalance skin.  Choose a masque treatment steeped in phytonutrients, therapeutic essential oils, omega oils and antioxidants to combat the depleting elements of the sun, wind and humidity.


4. Time Out

The end of year wrap up can feel a little crazy with parties and last minute gift shopping.  This is when taking time for yourself is so important.

Mindfulness and meditation not only leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed but research has shown real health benefits around anti-ageing and longevity.  A daily dose of meditation also mean a measurable decrease in disease while lowering stress, increased immunity and better cognitive function.

5. Professional Attention

Future proof your complexion by introducing yourself to your nearest Waterlily Spa Facialist at Spa Anise.  A trained professional will advise the best in performance skin treatments to repair, replenish, heal and hydrate.

We recommend Waterlily’s Seasonal Superfood Smoothie Spa Facial is layered with skin detoxifying greens of kale, broccoli and Vitamin B.  Each treatment is finished with a performance contour masque layered with this season’s botanical harvest along with 500mg of pure vitamin C!