Christmas table setting tips from the Design Team

Christmas is a wonderful time to unleash your creative side. Christmas is a great time for tradition, nostalgia, and things being, done properly. It’s also a time where you can add a little sparkle and dressing up the table is all part of the Chrissy festivities. Below are some sure fire ways to make your table look smoking without burning yourself (or the Christmas dinner) out.


1. Start with a plain neutral base

Simple plain china and table linens mean that you can bring the changes year on year with the accessories.

2. Add a selection of glass, metal, and mirror to make the table shine.

Glassware and cutlery do the job perfectly but consider also adding cut glass or metal candlesticks and vases.

3.Candles and tea lights

Make those shiny surfaces twinkle by using candles and tea lights – the more the merrier as they reflect off the glass and metals with amazing effect. Turn the overhead lighting off or down low to create more ambiance.



4. Use differing heights across the table

For interest use differing heights across the table but nothing that stops you seeing the person opposite you. Candles are good as they’re narrow and tea lights because they’re low but any central floral/foliage table piece should be low enough for guests, when seated, to look over.

5. Consider your colour story

You could stay natural and just use foliage and metallics with the white base. But it’s very easy to add a colour to pull the whole thing together. Green is an obvious choice and very festive but don’t just go for the obvious dark green, a bright apple green or sultry olive can look more contemporary. Red is the most festive choice as it screams Christmas. If you go with this scheme add fruit, berries or red native flowers to your table. For a modern twist mix it with a fuchsia pink. You want to carry your accent colour throughout the table, use candles, ribbons, napkin ties, crackers, and coloured glassware to help to make the tablescape look unified.

6. Centrepieces

Utilise Natural foliage, down the length of the table as a central display. Consider collecting sprigs from your garden to combine with baubles, glitter covered decorations, fruit or some of our Australian native flowers



7.Place settings

It’s fun to think of quirky place setting ideas and a way of creating a consistency between these and your centre piece. Consider small versions of your decorations with a swing tag, a small wrapped gift box or turn a sprig of rosemary in a mini wreaths with paper name banner or if you are creating a kid friendly table try gluing three candy canes together. Simple and festive ways to unify your tablescape theme.

9. Crackers

Crackers are an essential item to any Christmas table. Luxury crackers always look beautiful but you can quickly and easily update your supermarket crackers. Simply cut a band of coloured paper to make a strap around the middle, a short length of special ribbon tied in a bow and a swing tag with a name or festive message is all it takes to make your crackers snap with style.

10. Napkins

We think that the chicest way is to simply fold them into an oblong – SIMPLE and EASY! Resist turning them into elaborate birds of paradise that take flight out of the top of a wine glass. You good add a twist with by bundling your guests cutlery on top – decorated with a ribbon, bauble or a small sprig of greenery.