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Do you have “Nature deficit disorder”?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, humans spend approximately 93% of their life indoors.

Amidst time at work, driving, sleeping, eating and all the rest that happens within four walls, it’s no wonder there’s only a depressing 7% spent outdoors.

It’s a startling realisation that in a world so full of technology intended to improve the quality of life, we only spend a slither of our lifetime in what is undoubtedly this earth’s greatest asset. Health experts describe it as “nature deficit disorder”, where quite simply, our lack of time spent within nature results in low levels of productivity, focus and creativity.

The realisation of the power that the natural environment has on the human body, both physically and mentally, is rapidly gaining traction.

Getting back to nature as a means to improve health and wellbeing is now becoming less of a theory and instead a logical lifestyle approach, with countries like Japan and Korea even incorporating forest therapy modalities into their medical system.

With countless studies showing the decrease in cortisol levels and increase in productivity that can come from simply introducing more plants into the workplace or increasing natural light, it’s no surprise that incorporating more of the natural environment into your day to day life works wonders for the body, soul and of course, the brain.

It’s why that walk around the block makes you feel like a million bucks when you return to the office, or why that lunch outside in the sun instead of in front of your computer screen has brought an air of  vitality into the second half of your work day. It’s not a coincidence, it’s science.

It is this value and appreciation of the natural environment and its regenerative powers that has helped to form the core values of the Spicers brand.

It’s what makes us think, why sit trapped within four walls of a boardroom when you can engage with your team amongst 12,000 acres of Australian Bush? Why stare out a window into uninspiring views of a concrete jungle when you can look out to stimulating views of rainforest riches? Why take a “break” in a dingy staff-room when you can re-energise in the fresh air that comes from being perched on a mountain top.

Yes, we know it’s not as easy as popping off to a mountain-top during your lunch break, but it’s the little changes that will start to make a difference to your daily sentiment and intellect.

Make the effort to leave the office every day for a walk, try and take meetings out of the office where possible and make sure to pack your weekend filled with all sorts of outdoor shenanigans.

It certainly is easy to blame yourself when you’re feeling uninspired, distracted, or helplessly unmotivated, but we can assure you, it’s most likely that computer screen you’ve been looking at for 5 hours straight or that chair you’ve been planted in so long you’ve started to grow roots.

So if you feel yourself losing your sparkle from the inevitable day to day dulling that can come from the Monday to Friday grind, just make sure to inject some of that magic called “mother-nature” into your day. Trust us… we’ve been seeing this stuff work its magic for years.

After all, who’s got time for “nature-deficit disorder” in a world as beautiful as ours?

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