Epic Moves Towards Zero Waste

The award-winning Flight Centre Cycle Epic is a great mountain biking tradition that began in 2002 with a bunch of mates challenging themselves on a 117km epic trail ride. Now held annually, this year’s event happened the weekend of the 7-9th September at Spicers Hidden Vale and was an epic way to showcase how Spicers are working “Towards Zero Waste”.

Spicers is proud to be working towards reducing waste and at this year’s event we managed to reduce our waste to landfill from last year’s event of 18 cubic metres to only 4.5 cubic metres!

We are proud to have saved the following waste from landfill:

  • Commingled – 14 x 240L wheelie bins
  • Soft plastics – 6 x 100L
  • Tyre&Tubes – 30 saved tubes
  • Organic waste –  9 x 100L bins
  • Aluminium cans – 3 x 240L bins

Waste Recovery Stations were strategically placed around the grounds and campground to allow for easy access. Each camper got a camping kit consisting of two green compostable corn starch bags for all organic matters, one cardboard box to place all recycling such as hard plastics, cans, bottles and containers & two plastic bags one for soft plastics and one for general waste. Instructional flyers were on hand to help explain the initiative and how to help.

Friendly volunteers were on hand at each waste station to help participants ensure their waste was separated correctly.

Mallow SustainabilityOur friends at Mallow Sustainability provided the food waste collection service, collecting waste from the event such as coffee grounds fruit and vegetables scraps and other organic waste. Mallow Sustainability use a combination of composting and worm farming to break down organic material into valuable soil amendments. The compost produced is used in  farming operations, allowing the nutrients from the organic waste to be returned to the soil rather than being sent to landfill and wasted. This has many benefits to our customers, the environment and the community such as, reducing waste to landfill, reduced costs, combating climate change, improving soil health and supplying local organic food back to the community.”

Spicers Retreats is constantly looking for new solutions to achieve our goal of zero net emissions and zero waste by 2030. Find out more about Sustainability at Spicers.