Five benefits of taking a corporate mini-break with your team

Tired of spending conferences locked up in nondescript boardrooms in the middle of a concrete jungle? Looking to take your office getaway to next level with an experience guaranteed to energise and inspire?

Spicers Retreats are just the place to recharge and reconnect your team. Whether it’s nestled in a rainforest or taking in the breathtaking Australian outback, these luxurious destinations are set to bring you the best corporate getaway of the year.

We know you don’t need much further convincing, but to help get it across the line with other decision-makers in your workplace, here are our top benefits of a corporate retreat at Spicers:

1. Build Stronger Teams

You would think a team that spends 40+ hours a week together would already be close, however a mini-break together will return wonders in terms of team connectivity and collaboration. An out-of- office experience will help strengthen relationships within the team, increasing productivity, building trust and developing a more relaxed, supportive vibe in the workplace.

2. Welcome Creativity

Taking the team out of the office and into a more relaxed environment is hugely beneficial for new thinking and fresh ideas. By removing the distraction of ringing phones and incessant emails, you’ll be surprised at your team’s ability to come up with new ideas and fresh approaches.

3. Boost Morale

A small vacay with the team that allows some downtime will certainly boost morale around the office. Schedule some dedicated time for fun activities that allow time for everyone to wind down enough to feel fully recharged before getting back to work.

4. Uncover Hidden Talents

Being away from the stress of a traditional work environment allows your colleagues to relax and often reveals hidden talents that you simply don’t see in the day-to- day office. Giving people the opportunity to become comfortable with their peers enables them to show their best selves. Maybe your Accounts Manager will surprise and delight with their musical talents or culinary expertise!

5. Reward the Team

While corporate getaways are great for the business itself, it also gives management a chance to reward the team for their continued hard work. If your team has been working overtime to produce great results, a mini-break is a wonderful way to say thank you. Whether it’s a spa day for everyone or a luxurious team dinner, be sure to make the team feel valued. Employees who feel appreciated are much more willing to work hard back in the office.

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