Four Essential Tips For A Cracking Christmas in July

For many of us, Christmas conjures images of trying to cool down Northern Hemisphere Yuletide celebrations – where we do things like swap out hot roasted meats and baked vegetables for prawns and salad or opt for light and cool pavlova instead of that steaming brandy pudding. Our Aussie festive traditions do have a special place in our hearts, but perhaps too many viewings of Christmas classics like “It’s A Wonderful Life” or more modern versions like “Love Actually” have ramped up our romanticising of European traditions. This yearning of Yuletide festivities celebrated north of the equator, has created for us Down Under, a growing trend of celebrating a thing called, “Christmas in July”.

If this is something you are keen to try, then we want to help you make the most of this celebration – we want you, your family and friends to enjoy a really “Christmassy” vibe, this 25th of July (the “other” Christmas Day).

To get the inside information that comes from experience, we spoke to Lauren, our Events specialist at Spicers Sangoma Retreat, who shared four simple but essential tips:

  1.     Book Early

I cannot stress enough the importance of this – and it applies whether you are hosting yourself or attending an organised function at a specific venue – be sure to send save-the-date requests or invites to guests. As “Christmas in July” increases in popularity, not only do you need to make sure your guests can attend but you also really do need to get in quickly to secure a booking – our Spicers Retreats locations are a good example, as their Christmas in July events often get booked out early.

Christmas in July at The Long Apron is always popular

  1.     Shift Your Mindset

You can let go of Aussie Christmas traditions and just really immerse yourself in all that a European White Christmas has to offer. Here, you have the opportunity to embrace everything Yuletide themed. From mistletoe to mulled wine, you can incorporate all of these features, into your celebrations – there is nothing too cheesy here, they will all just complement your perfect Christmas.

  1.     Enjoy Hearty Christmas Dishes

Once again, let yourself go all out with your Christmas theming. You can be inspired by our talented culinary team, led by Head Chef Lachlan Hostman at The Balfour Kitchen & Bar in Brisbane, who have created a delicious three course menu, all themed with Christmas festive flavours. You can design your own menu around hearty, warm and comforting dishes – traditional or avant-garde, the food you prepare with love, will be perfect to be shared with those you love.

  1.     Deck the Halls…

Along with Christmas flavours, I encourage you to embrace one of the delights of Christmas and invest some time in the decoration of your table and areas where you will be celebrating the “other” Christmas. At Spicers Retreats, we take time with our table decorations, as it is an essential part of the Christmas experience. You can use things like wreathes of eucalypt leaves or banksia flowers to bring an Aussie celebratory feel to your table. Also don’t drag out the Christmas Tree, a handful of glittering decorations placed on some branches in a vase, can be a simple yet chic alternative.

Christmas Lunch at The PeakOnly simple decorations are required for Christmas in July.

On a final note, Christmas in July can also remove the stress of present buying and ticking off that Christmas in December gift shopping list. For Christmas in July, why not use this as a time to exchange personal homemade presents or more experiential gifts like spa vouchers, balloon rides and restaurant vouchers as opposed to “things”? One of the beauties of Christmas in July is that you can escape a lot of the commercialisation that surrounds celebrating in July and focus on what is truly important – sharing love, life and laughter with those who matter most.