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Chef Ash from Homage share’s his Beetroot cured kingfish ceviche, charred octopus with melon, garden cucumber and radishes

Beetroot cured kingfish ceviche, charred octopus
with melon, garden cucumber and radishes


–          4 continental cucumbers
–          2 egg whites
–          ½ sheets of gelatin
–          6 whole beetroots
–          200gms of kingfish (skin removed)
–          6 fresh mixed heirloom radish
–          1 daikon radish
–          finishing salt
–          500gms of fresh octopus
–          300mls olive oil
–          100gms rockmelon
–          100gms Honeydew
–          ¼  cup white wine vinegar
–          ¼ fennel bulb
–          2 limes
–          1 ISI cream whipper
–          3 cream chargers


1)     Juice your beetroot and add your sliced fennel bulb, white wine vinegar and zest and juice of your lime.
2)     Add your kingfish and let marinate for 3 – 4 hours
3)     Blanch your octopus in boiling water for 1 minute and refresh in ice water
4)     Simmer in olive oil for 3 hours (try and keep the oil around 80-90 degrees)
5)     To make your cucumber cloud- peel your cucumbers and blend whole, then pass through a fine strainer
6)     Soak the gelatin in water for 5 minutes until completely soft and then warm the gelatin slightly until completely melted
7)     Add gelatin and 2 egg whites to the cucumber mix and pour into ISI cream whipper charge with 3 chargers (you can buy them at any cooks shop or hospitality supplies). If you don’t have a ISI cream whipper, pour into a bowl and whip to a light fluffy consistency.

To serve

1)     Slice the kingfish into thin slices and also your fresh radish
2)     Cut the melon into thin slices and add squeeze fresh lime over it
3)     Use the leaves of your radishes to place around the plate
4)     Slice the octopus and finish on chargrill
5)     Use a fine grater and shave daikon over the top of the kingfish (this gives a really peppery finish to the kingfish)
6)     Season with the finishing salt and just before you serve, place the cucumber cloud on the plate (if you don’t have a ISI whipper just spoon dressing over the octopus and radish)
7)     Serve and enjoy

Difficulty rating: 4 out of 5