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Interior design tips using indoor plants

Interior design tips are helpful when planning inspiration for your home. Indoor plants have gathered a resurgence and aside from lending a colourful and refreshing décor element to any room, introducing some nature into your space is beneficial to your health and the air quality of your home.

Since we’re huge advocates for creating a tranquil space in your own home, we’ve detailed a few easy ways to bring the outdoors in as well as a few of our favourite indoor plants.

Install a vertical garden
Whether you live in an apartment complex or have a bit more room to work with, an indoor vertical garden is a creative way to inject a lot of greenery without taking up a great deal of space. There are myriad ways to create a vertical garden, so find one that works best with your existing aesthetic and go from there.

Spicers Balfour Hotel in Brisbane has an 8 metre vertical garden lining it’s driveway, see below.

Vertical Garden

Fiddle Leaf (ficus lyrata) tips

  1. Put a layer of stones at the base of the pot to help with drainage
  2. Make sure the pot has a hole on the base so excess water can drain
  3. Pot into an earthen ware pot so the soil can breathe
  4. Position where it can get ample indirect light
  5. Dust the leaves so they can breathe

Interior design tips Fiddle Leaf Indoor Plant

Devils Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) tips

  1. A very hardy & forgiving plant requiring low maintenance
  2. Will grow in low light, indirect light or high light
  3. Allow the soil to dry in between watering
  4. The ivy vines will trail over the pot so ideal for hanging
  5. Feed fortnightly during spring and summer

Interior design tips Devils Ivy indoor plant

Zanzibar Gem (Zamioculcas Zamifolia) tips

  1. Water occasionally as in every couple of weeks making sure the soil is dry
  2. Over watering and cold are the major concerns for this plant
  3. Light brightly lit indirect sunlight, no direct sunlight
  4. The leaves and stem are toxic so be mindful with kids & pets
  5. Growth is slow so buy a mature plant if you are after size


Interior design tips Zanzibar Gem plant