Wreath design tips

Embrace the wreath as your statement decoration of choice. Go big on your front door to make an immediate impact and give your neighborhood some Christmas cheer!

Making your own DIY wreath is easy, buy a woven wreath base from your local craft store and customise with your own touches such as herbs, baubles, ribbon bows, flowers/foliage and lights. A few of our design tips are;


1. Remember to have the look and feel of your home translate into your wreath. Our Spicers Hidden Vale property is situated on 12,000 acres true Australian bush and has a gorgeous country look and feel, we made sure to accentuate this through our Christmas decorations (pictured second from right).

2. Not everything has to be bought! We are surrounded by gorgeous Australian foliage such as gum nuts and leaves, herbs and other greenery that will not only look perfect on a Christmas wreath, it will give a festive Australian touch. Because let’s be honest, we all know that those those Fir trees and pine cones aren’t real!

3. Don’t limit yourself to the front door, a wreath can be placed on your mantle, console table or hang it in your outdoor area!