Off-Grid Eco Camps with Green Energy Trial

One of our goals is to leave the planet in a better condition than we found it. We do that in little ways everyday with our recycling programs, market garden and other initiatives but we also get the opportunity to be involved in exciting projects like our Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre.

So it gives us great pride to announce our new $2 million Queensland-based renewable hydrogen energy project, made possible by a Queensland Government funded $942,000 grant. 

The Spicers Scenic Rim Trail Off-Grid Ecotourism Demonstration using Low Pressure Hydrogen project will provide electricity requirements for 5 eco-camps (Mt Mistake, Hidden Peaks, Amphitheatre, Spicers Canopy and Timber Getters) using renewable energy and replace the need for diesel or LPG powered generators at Spicers remote eco camp sites.   

Green hydrogen will be generated through solar arrays at each eco camp and stored in low pressure metal hydride storage LAVO vessels at each camp for use when lithium battery storage is low or depleted. The pressure of the vessels is akin to that of LPG Gas bottles used for cooking and hot water on site. 

This exciting project will deliver a range of environmental benefits including:

  • 0% emissions power with water vapour the only waste product
  • Quiet and odourless operation to minimise disturbance to our local birdlife and fauna 
  • Recyclable product, including the LAVO unit
  • Moving us towards our goal of nett zero waste and nett zero emissions by 2030

It is our hope that this project will pave the way for other businesses to use this form of green renewable energy. 

To find out more about our sustainability goals visit our website.


What is LAVO? 

The LAVO system uses innovative, patented metal hydride technology to store hydrogen equivalent to up to 60kWh electricity, which is enough to power an average household for approximately three days.