Post-Christmas Pack Down



Be prepared for next year! The pack down and the storage of your Christmas decorations always seems to be such a rushed, last minute job. However if you can spare a few extra minutes and take a little extra care in storing your decorations and lights it will ensure a quick and enjoyable time when you’re installing them next Christmas.

1. Purchase some separator and divider inserts for your large storage boxes. This will make sure those baubles and breakable decorations aren’t damaged by being thrown into one big box and are easily, and quickly packed away.

2. Storing wreaths can be tricky, because you don’t want them to get squashed over the year. Coat-hangers are a simple and effective way to store your wreaths so they stay full and fluffy all year long.  Hang the wreath in a cupboard with a plastic bag over it to ensure it stays clean for the next year.

3. We can all agree no one likes to untangle lights from a big messy pile. An extremely simple and cost efficient method to store your lights is to spool them around a sturdy piece of cardboard. Then when next year rolls around, you’ll be able to easily plug in the strands to see if any bulbs are out, without unwinding the whole strand.