Refresh mind, body and soul on the Scenic Rim with a Spicers Retreat

If ever there was time to place a focus on your physical and mental health, it is now. The perfect remedy to all that ails you in these turbulent times can be found in the range of hikes and experiences available on the Scenic Rim – a range that also embodies Spicers relaxed luxury.

An added bonus is that this range of experiences all take place in a special part of South East Queensland – an area where you can walk amongst giant ancient trees, soak up the sounds and silences of mystical rainforests and hike along the edge of mountains with vistas that stretch across vast valleys.

All this is achieved with the knowledge that at the end of each day you will be able to untie your boots, enjoy a shower, a delightful meal of foods from across the Scenic Rim region prepared by the chef who travels to each accommodation site with you; topped off, with the prospect of a well-earned rest from hiking around 16kms each day in a Spicers bed that promises and always delivers crisp linen and fluffy pillows.

Spicers Ampitheatre Eco Cabins

If you select the Five-Day Scenic Rim Trail, your journey begins at Spicers Hidden Vale, Grandchester, followed by four days of hiking, interspersed with overnight stops at Spicers Mount Mistake Farmhouse, Spicers Amphitheatre Eco Cabins and Spicers Timber Getters Eco Cabins with the final night in Spicers Hidden Peaks Cabins. Your initial night at Hidden Vale gives you the opportunity to have your first special nature spotting where you may see “Skroo”, “Jude” and “Miriam”, the resident koalas nonchalantly chewing their favourite fare, eucalypt leaves at the nearby Rehabilitation Centre. From there the hike will take you through different types of landscapes found in this region – landscapes that include grass tree forests, woodlands of towering trees that are home to giant stag horns, as well as fairy tale rainforests where you can “forest bathe” beside a cool mountain pool. At the end of your journey why not as a final indulgence, opt to take the helicopter ride so that you can marvel the country from the air and what you have achieved.

The beauty of the range of Scenic Rim Trail hiking experiences is that they can be achieved (that word is used deliberately as you will get a real sense of achievement at the end of each day) as a novice or an experienced hiker or somewhere in between. There are sections of the hikes that are graded easy to moderate, and one from moderate to difficult. Note that this experience is definitely more of a hike, so it’s recommended to do some moderate walks that include a few hills to increase your fitness in the lead up to your arrival. Fortunately, your two Spicers guides who accompany you along the journey will gauge your group and ensure that the hiking is never too uncomfortable.

Delicious charcuterie board on the Scenic Rim Trail 5 day hike

The guides are also an integral part of the total luxury package as not only are they a mine of information about the flora, fauna and how to embrace the forest peacefulness to help still your busy mind, they also ring ahead to ensure you are greeted with a well-earned beverage upon arriving at the end of each day at your accommodation. Their knowledge is also plentiful on the local Indigenous and European history of the area surrounding the trail and they are always receptive to questions on any element of the journey. Stopping to ask questions is always encouraged and this can provide a useful opportunity for hikers to pause, learn something, catch their breath and “enjoy the serenity”.

The triumvirate of this special experience – the things you learn about yourself and what you can achieve; the beauty and tranquillity of the region; plus the opportunity to experience the relaxed luxury, that is synonymous with Spicers, really does seamlessly blend to make this the complete package – to refresh mind, body and soul.