Spicers Design Philosophies

At the core of the Spicers interior design intent and decisions are our guest.

The design team is driven by a strong focus of Quality – quality of space and quality in design. These concepts force us to consider the emotional connection and experience our guests have when they interact with the Spicers brand.

Spicers Guesthouse Hunter Valley

Quality space, in a physical sense, creates an atmosphere of restfulness and focus. It allows our guests to stop and pause to experience a moment, however they feel most comfortable to. When we reference quality in design our objective is aimed towards materials and elements that if cared for and looked after are built to last, in every sense of the word!

Spicers Retreats Relaxed Luxury

We curate quality spaces with authenticity, sincerity and unique Australian personality. These clear references combine to provide guests with a sense of feeling cared for in ‘relaxed luxury’ – A relaxed HOME with luxury HOTEL service.

Spicers Sangoma Retreat Blue Mountains

Jude’s philosophy has always been to unite the retreats through their unique differences. Each Retreat and Restaurant offers a one of a kind experience aesthetically. This was has been a purposeful intention to ensure that Spicers Retreats doesn’t follow a hotel ‘cookie cutter’ approach. As you travel from one retreat or restaurant to the next elements of surprise always await you.