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Taking a break from the buzz

Now, we know we’re not breaking any new ground by pointing out the fact that our mobile phones have now become the adult equivalent of a child’s teddy bear. You can’t go anywhere without it, you sleep with it, and if you lose it, we can bet there will be at least a little sulking.

So why does it matter that our phones have essentially become an extension of our own bodies? We might not be psychologists, but when it comes to relaxation and being able to reconnect with the environment around you, we know a thing or two. It might sound cheesy, but every day we see the powerful effects that disconnecting to reconnect is having on our guests.PeakLodge007

One thing we’ve noticed at Spicers is that, while people come for the luxury and indulgence, it really is the natural surroundings of our retreats that keeps our guests coming back for more. There’s a certain “je ne sais quoi” that comes from immersing yourself within truly beautiful places. And not just beautiful places – beautiful natural places – stunning hinterland rainforests, spectacular mountain ranges and classic Australian bushland.

Don’t just take our word on physical, psychological and spiritual health, a growing body of research strongly attributes
restorative power back to nature. Richard Louv, known for his influential work on the overwhelming divide between humans and the outdoors, poses the question,

“What would our lives be like if our days and nights were as immersed in nature as they are technology?”

And what an intriguing thought that is.

Perhaps it is important to remember that humans existed only in a natural environment for millions of years, so it makes sense that our bodies have been built to thrive within nature. It is this conscious effort to reconnect with nature that allows for improved cognition, increased psychological well-being and incredible physiological benefits.

Maybe we will never be able to spend as much time in nature as we do utilising technology. But a conscious effort to reduce the ratio might be the perfect start to achieving a more wholesome lifestyle.SpicersPeak_Extra_024

We think these people are really onto something, so much so we’ve based our Spicers philosophy around it. Whether it’s grabbing a book from one of our libraries and sitting in the sunshine, playing croquet on the lawn, having a picnic by the lake, or walking to a bright red telephone box in the distance (yes, we really have one!), we can assure you, that taking a tech sabbatical, however brief, will work a special type of magic you can’t find in an app.