The history of Spicers Clovelly Estate

Once a pineapple plantation and orchard, Spicers Clovelly Estate has evolved dramatically over time. Today, Clovelly is a European-inspired country retreat spanning 22 acres. The acquisition of Clovelly Estate marked Spicers’ expansion from the Western Scenic Rim (where they already had two retreats managed by Peppers) to Queensland’s charming Sunshine Coast hinterland. Spicers Retreats founder, Jude Turner, purchased Clovelly Estate in 2007 in a move to grow the boutique Spicers style of offering into the future. Located in Montville, it was in an appealing location that people visited for a variety of reasons.

Spicers Clovelly Estate in the early days

Originally the property was just a large house and a big double garage that been built around ten years earlier. With some renovations, Jude could immediately envision it working well as a lodge. The existing French ‘Mansard’ style of the garage structure, reminiscent of French chateaus, inspired the European flavour of the updates. Jude loved the character and ran with it. The interiors feature contemporary European-influenced styling, combined with various antique pieces in the main lounge and bar area. Wallpapered interior spaces feature intriguing framed pages of European newspapers – the idea of Jude’s niece, Anna.

As had happened with Spicers Peak Lodge and Spicers Hidden Vale, another Sunshine Coast property became available around the same time as Clovelly – The Tamarind – which Jude also purchased. Spicers Tamarind Retreat had been set up as a small boutique hotel and restaurant by chef, Paul Blain. Paul continued to manage the property for a few years while Jude focused on Clovelly’s development.

Spicers tamarind retreat today

Mid-way through 2009, David Assef joined Clovelly Estate as the new Manager to set up and open the establishment. Spicers built a French-style cottage so the Manager could live on-site, but David was eager to open up more room options for guests and soon moved out. The French Cottage is now a very popular option for group and family getaways. David proved an exceptional fit with Spicers and has played a key role in fostering the company’s development and culture. He is now the Managing Director for all of Spicers Retreats.

In 2010, Spicers Retreats was officially launched with Spicers Clovelly Estate featuring as one of the brand’s initial four properties.

spicers clovelly estate today

From the 1950s onwards the land that Clovelly is on was farmed as a pineapple plantation, then later as an orchard. It was originally a 40-acre property owned by the Brown family. The Browns subsequently subdivided, keeping one acre to themselves to retire on, which is the house visible to the main road.