The importance of setting goals and celebrating them!

In a busy office, it’s very easy to move past milestones without blinking an eyelid.  Achieving goals becomes something that’s expected rather than a moment to be appreciated as a team.  Here’s why it’s very important to take a moment out and not only acknowledge team achievements but celebrate them.

A celebration can motivate the team

Everyone likes to be recognised for a great job – it’s human nature.  We all secretly savour those moments of glory when we acknowledge just how great a job our team did.  Setting a target or a goal and working as a team to reach the goal is an important way to strengthen team bonds and unify the team.  An incentive of a team celebration will always motivate people, providing an extra push needed along the way, to reach the end goal.

It builds momentum

Often new goals seem unachievable at the start of a project.  But with the reward of a team celebration people look ahead to what they can achieve rather than concentrating on all of the steps to reach the destination.  A team reward provides a positive focus to individuals as they concentrate on the reward achieved as a group rather than the challenges encountered by each of them to reach it.

Create a stronger team

A team getaway or event can help take your team out of the everyday to experience each other’s company in a different light.  It’s often a great way to learn more about each other, things you wouldn’t normally share, and build stronger relationships by sharing new experiences together.

A great way to show your appreciation

You’re the boss of a dedicated team of high achievers and you’d like to keep it that way.  Show your appreciation of your team’s hard work and let them know they’re valued.   It’s important to look after your team, maintain their loyalty and make sure they feel they work in a fantastic job with a team celebration!

Setting goals is important to ensure a company has direction, can learn and continue to grow. By celebrating the achievement of your goals, you provide your team with the inspiration to be the best they can be and tackle the next goal with enthusiasm!