We Never Rest On Our Laurels

Spicers’ Sustainability Story – We Never Rest On Our Laurels

At Spicers, our goal is to leave the planet in a better condition than when we found it. This is not a static goal but an evolving story, where each day, we strive to do what we do and how we do it, just that little bit better – we never rest on our laurels. The recently completed ecological upgrades at Spicers Hidden Peaks are just one example of how passionate we are when it comes to protecting our environment.

Spicers Hidden Peaks is located on 250 acres of private bushland. An hour and a half drive from Brisbane, Spicers Hidden Peaks, encompassing seven eco-cabins and a lodge, sits in the foothills of the Main Range National Park. Each of the seven hand-made cabins feature an ensuite with luxury eco-friendly amenities, combustion fireplace and private deck.

Spicers Hidden Peaks

This special location is the final instalment of the environmentally friendly accommodation available on the Scenic Rim Trail and a perfect way to finish the 5-day walk. Like all good things, the best rewards are those that feel like they have been earned. Guests upon completion of the 5-day walk, some 60 plus kilometres, are able to embrace their sense of achievement while enjoying the Spicers’ relaxed luxury of mouth-watering food and superior ecological facilities.

We work to ensure we take a responsible approach when it comes to looking after our guests, team and business. From sourcing more environmentally friendly products to upgrading energy and water use (as outlined below), Spicers Retreats is constantly looking for new solutions to achieve our goal of zero nett emissions and zero nett waste by 2030.


Spicers Hidden Peaks’ power and water upgrades include an energy system upgrade where a new integrated solar and battery system have been installed. This new system differs from the previous one as it is all connected together, so we can draw on power generated by the solar on any of the rooftops to power our centrally located lithium batteries. These batteries are the sole power source for the site.

New solar system upgrade


At Spicers Hidden Peaks, we now are able to capture a greater amount of water, as all roofs are connected to a much larger central tank.  Our off-grid status makes our water supply source essential – we need to ensure that we capture every drop that falls. We anticipate that this new, more efficient system will provide ample water to service the site for most of the season.

capturing every drop

Conserving precious water also features in our efforts to aid in the protection of the site from ember attack in the unlikely event of a bushfire. We have installed a network of roof top irrigation sprinklers which can run for up to eight hours using 10kL water per hour to aid in site protection through the creation of an airborne mist barrier and dampening the ground.

We know our guests share our commitment to care for the environment and is one of the reasons that they keep coming back. For our guests, we also know that feeling cared for responsibly is the ultimate luxury. We are proud of how far we have come, and we also acknowledge and thank our guests, past, present and future for the role that they have played and will play in our evolving sustainability story.