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Why travelling midweek is the best time to go!

Here’s our top 5 reason why you should escape on a well deserved midweek escape!


1. Crowds? What crowds? Take time out midweek to discover the must-see sites, attractions, restaurants and destinations that everyone wants to visit and you’ll see them at your leisure, on your own terms, within your own time. Avoid all the ques, and time wasted standing in them, secure the table by the window at the most popular restaurant, actually see the attraction you’re visiting and soak up the best of each destination at your own pace. All without the crowds and perhaps with some extras and great deals, if you go midweek!

2. No traffic. It goes without saying, we all hate being stuck in traffic! Wasting more time than you’d allocated to reach your destination is plain frustrating! Travel midweek and your problem is solved. You’ll enjoy the freedom of travelling down the highway without any interruptions arriving relaxed and ready for a great midweek escape.

3. Boosted relaxation. Sometimes getting away while the rest of the world is still at work is the best medicine. Clear your head and feel even more refreshed than you would on a weekend mini break, ready to take on the world, simply because everyone else is at work. It’s like being a kid again on school holidays, the sense of freedom you feel when escaping midweek.

4. Great value. Of course we all love extras, great value and the chance to secure a deal. This is easy midweek! Many businesses offer greater value midweek to entice you in so you’ll literally be saving money by travelling midweek.

5. Take back your work-life balance. Every year we hear how little holiday leave Australians are taking and how we’re working even harder. Take a stand, use up that leave and take a break. You deserve it, you’ve worked hard and need to recharge the batteries. Take back that work life balance with both hands and take an escape midweek.