Wines fit for Spring

Spicers Retreats Sommelier Peter Marchant is a connoisseur of all things wine and below he shares his knowledge on what wines will be pleasing to your palate this spring.

“As the vegetation reappears in spring after the winter, so does the new season of wines from the current year, and the winemakers spruiking them.”

“Plenty of aromatic whites are starting to hit the shelves. Riesling and sauvignon blanc are the two to look out for if you like things crisp and delicious. These vibrant styles designed to be consumed young, are the perfect way to wake your from your hibernation of whites over the winter period when we seek out the big bold reds of our southern states.”

“This is not to say we forget the reds altogether. spring is the perfect time to get in to the crunchy red styles of light red varieties and blends. This style is perfectly suited to the spring afternoon on the back deck and plate of antipasto or charcuterie. These are the wines to have before the BBQ goes on, or while the slow cooked lamb shoulder is on the oven.”

“As has been the case for the last few years, it also time for us to put on our rosé coloured glasses. There is a veritable treasure trove of rosé on the market already, and now is the time to do the research so you are ready to go for your summer rosé selection.”

“These are a few of our favourite spring releases that we are getting into right now:

2019 Jim Barry Watervale Riesling Clare Valley, SA

Having just taken out the Halliday Wine Companion winery of the year, this 3rd generation family owned and run winery cannot put a foot wrong. This is young riesling as it should be. Brimming with the classic Clare Valley lime cordial, lime leaf and super taught. It is begging for something from the sea. Is it too early for prawn sandwiches?

2019 Shaw + Smith Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills, SA

This is the 30th release of this wine from the Martin Shaw and Michael Hill-Smith. A mean feat in any business, but particularly in one with the vagaries of the wine trade. This wine created the category of quality sauvignon in this country. It continues to set the benchmark year on year. Classic for a reason.

2019 Whistler Skeleton in a Tutu Rosé Barossa Valley, SA

I mean, we should just order this because of the name, right? A blend of grenache and mataro, zero additions, zero sulphur, all the fun. A little more serious than the name suggests, but equal parts delicious and refreshing. The winemaker suggests a match of spicy food and sunshine. I am in.

2019 Dormilona Tinto Shiraz Margaret River, WA

Translates to lazy bones, a nickname received by the winemaker whilst working in Spain. She is actually nothing of the sort. Quite the opposite. Fastidious about details and making delicious slurpable wines. This is as vibrant as it gets. No additions, no fining or filtration. Minimal sulphur. Pass the jamon please.

2019 Smallfry Grenache

Wayne Ahrens had never made a single varietal grenache before. Very much a hands-off style, this wine did it’s thing and we get to taste the benefits of that. The brightness of the almost candy-like cherry character is intoxicating and will have you asking for a second glass, or bottle.”