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Seasonal Natural Occurrences


Seasonal natural occurrences

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Australian wildlife and rare & threatened Species- Two different species of Kangaroos, the Common Wallaroo and Eastern Grey. Three different species of Wallabies the endangered Brush-Tailed Rock Wallaby, the Whiptail Wallaby and Red-necked Wallaby. The vast array of mammals also includes Koalas, Long-nosed potoroo, Long-nose Bandicoots and Brush-tailed Phascogate.  Rare and threatened species include; Powerful Owl, Glossy Black Cockatoo, Double-Eyed Fig Parrot, Sooty Owl and the Cascade tree frog All year round Most likely at sun rise and sun set
Eight to Ten Degrees Cooler Than Brisbane. Providing a respite from high summer temperatures or the opportunity to experience a ‘real’ winter All year round
Situated Over 1100 Metres Above Sea Level and on eight thousand¬† acres of uncultivated land, Spicers Peak Lodge is nestled amongst some rare and threatened flora, such as Bailey’s Cypress Pines and Myrtle-Leaf Mistletoe. All year round
Uninterrupted Views from all over the property of the world heritage listed ‘Scenic Rim’ including views of Brisbane on clear days. All year round
Bordering onto and within the world heritage listed Main Range National park, Spicers Peak Station provides vital habitats to many rare and threatened  species. All year round
Spicers Peak Lodge
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