Pooch Package Terms and Conditions

Pooch Packages are available at the following retreats:

The following terms and conditions apply for all Pooch Packages:

  • We love all kinds of dogs but we do ask that pooches travelling to Spicers weigh only up to 25kg.
  • Upon arrival, we’ll provide owners with a waiver to sign.
  • To ensure both you and your pooch have the most comfortable stay we have allocated pet-friendly rooms at each retreat.
  • Your pooch is allowed inside if they resist the temptation to cuddle up on any furniture.
  • We hope they will enjoy their stay as much as their parents and ask that your furkid use their ‘inside voice’ during their getaway…..and the outside toilet.
  • When exploring the property with your pooch, please keep them on a leash and pick up all doggy doo-doo before departure.
  • Although we know you’d like your pooch by your side at all times, when dining at the restaurant (subject to individual retreat protocol) or at the pool pets need to stay in their cottage or villa.