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Meditation is a tool for reducing the effects of stress on your body and mind by simply learning the art of being in the present moment.  The value of incorporating meditation into your daily life has been scientifically proven to help with stress related health diseases, improve the quality of your sleep, nurture self-esteem, increase energy levels and decrease anxiety.  Regular practice of meditation is the foundation for a more joyous and fulfilling way of life.

All sessions commence with a Deep Relaxation Visualisation designed to prepare the body and mind for meditation. This is a helpful tool for recognising and countering the stressful effects of the Fight-or-Flight-or-Freeze responses on our wellbeing.

All sessions are of one hour duration.

Individual $150 | Couples Meditation $165 | Small Groups of between 4-6 participants $350.00 total

Spicers Sangoma Retreat
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