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Spa at Spicers Sangoma Retreat



Relaxation Massage

The perfect massage to de-stress and melt away all of the tension and tightness in your muscles. Using a lovely even pressure, light or medium, throughout the massage will ensure you will be feeling the ultimate in rest and relaxation.

60min | $140                        90min | $195


The Sangoma Signature Kahuna

Combining bodywork with traditional healing systems and ancient Shaman rituals, immerse your skin with nourishing organic coconut oil in Sangomas signature Kahuna massage. Surrender to a full body, mind and spirit healing trilogy.

60min | $140                        90min | $195


Remedial Ritual

Enter a serene state of being as your tissues are treated, muscles manipulated, and body brought back to vitality and healing with Sangoma’s Remedial Ritual. This type of massage uses specific techniques to stretch and lengthen connective tissue and muscles with the aim of reducing pain and discomfort. Surrounded by nature, you will not only feel the tension ease away, you will feel a state of peace and a calming of the mind too.

60min | $140


Aromatherapy Massage

Harmonise your body’s senses with this beautiful full body massage using a blend of nourishing plant and pure essential oils. Light to medium pressure will soothe aches and pains, leaving you feeling blissful and relaxed, the perfect way to unwind.

60min | $150                        90min | $195

Spa Getaways

Spa Getaways

In the exclusive, luxurious surroundings of one of our Spa Anise day spas you’ll rediscover the art of relaxation. Rejuvenate and revitalise with unique Waterlily treatments and therapies. 

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