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Results driven facials using exclusive formulations designed to treat specific skin conditions

Youth Elixir     1.5hrs | $195
The ultimate anti-ageing treatment offering an infusion of precious omega serums and opulent essential oils to deeply rejuvenate replenish and renew. Enriched with exquisite essential oils of rose balsam, crushed nut butters and anti-ageing vitamins to deliver the ultimate hydration treatment.

Fruit Enzyme     1.5hrs | $195
An exfoliating and refining facial treatment rich in exotic tropical fruits, crushed citrus rind and berries to revitalise the dullest of skin types. Drenched in natural fruit enzymes, antioxidants and premium fruit concentrates to smooth and revitalise, leaving skin luminous, glowing and refreshed.

Phyto-Nutrient     1.5hrs | $195
A rebalancing facial targeting problematic congested skin to equalise oil while effectively purifying the complexion. Boosted with nutrient rich marine and herbal infusions, healing essential oils and vitamins this is the ultimate treatment to strengthen and transform skin to promote a clear complexion.


Classic spa facials to nourish the skin and brighten the complexion

Replenishing Moroccan Rose     1hr | $145
A visibly rejuvenating facial treatment to boost hydration, nourish and replenish the skin while revitalising tone and texture.

Purifying French Lavender     1hr | $145
A gentle purifying facial to target combination and oily skin types harnessing the sebum rebalancing botanicals, French lavender and vitamins.

Men’s Zone Face Treatment     1hr | $145
A therapeutic facial designed to deeply cleanse and decongest skin. A clarifying infusion of active ingredients gently purifies while rebalancing the skin’s natural ph.

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