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Sustainability Initiatives

We aim to always be responsible when it comes to looking after our guests, team and the earth.


We are committed to a sustainable future and always looking for new ways and initiatives to improve our sustainability performance. Some of initiatives include:

Reducing Plastic Waste

Instead of providing plastic water bottles for guests, Spicers provides beautiful glassware and Acquachiara glass bottles. Refillable with either sparkling or still water from the Acquachiara system, these bottles are found in both guest rooms and the restaurant.

Spicers Sangoma Conference team member pouring water into glass

Reducing Waste from Soap

Spicers partners with SoapAid, a not-for-profit organisation committed to saving children’s lives through improved hygiene while positively impacting the environment.  Soaps left behind after your stay will be reprocessed into fresh bars of soap and will be delivered to disadvantaged communities in Australia and overseas, working closely with local communities to provide vital hygiene education and sustainable improvements in global hygiene practices.


Supporting Landcare and Rural Australia

In partnership with Landcare Australia – Australia’s largest environmentally focused movement- Hawke’s Brewing Co. supports the rural communities who do such an amazing job in looking after the land that grows our all-Australian ingredients. All profits from the Lager, including that from Spicers, is used as donations to Landcare.

The Last Straw initiative at Spicers Retreats


Reducing Plastic Straws

We’re passionate about reducing the volume of detrimental plastic that enters our ecosystem so Spicers is committed to The Last Straw Initiative.  Spicers Retreats now provide paper or reusable straws on request in restaurants. Last year Spicers as a group welcomed 82 000 diners in our restaurants. If half of our guests used a straw that would be 41 000 straws for the year which is 800 per week.


Sourcing Local

Buying local helps to reduce the carbon footprint and food mileage. Additionally, it supports the local farmers, jobs, and community. At Spicers Retreats we pride ourselves on buying locally and supporting the community.

Market Garden Spicers Tamarind

Earthcheck at Spicers Retreats

Earthcheck Certification

In 2017 Spicers joined the EarthCheck Evaluate Plus program and as a member we are taking active steps to reduce our impact on the environment by benchmarking our waste, water and electricity usage and levels across the group.

Glossy Black Coffee

Our own coffee brand “Glossy Black Coffee” has been developed to raise awareness and protect the habitat and breeding grounds of the rare Glossy Black Cockatoo (distinguishable by the red window on its tail feathers). The Glossy Black Cockatoo’s habitat is found throughout South East Queensland, including the 20,000 acres of nature refuge the owners of Spicers currently hold. Money raised from the sale of Glossy Black Coffee will go towards raising awareness and habitat rehabilitation and protection. This not only protects the Glossy Black Cockatoo but many other species of fauna and flora found within this majestic countryside.

Glossy Black Coffee

Slippers beside a bed


Slippers are for comfort here and at home. Our slippers are part of the Spicers experience and we encourage you to take your pair back home for future love and comfort. We donate any slippers left behind to Share the Dignity as well as also washing them (just as we do our luxurious towels and linen) and reusing them as a green option for guests, alongside a new pair.

Spicers green logo

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