Sustainability Initiatives

Reducing our waste footprint and supporting suppliers who support a more sustainable future


We are committed to a sustainable future. Our “plant the seed” initiatives, including recycling and reuse programs and composting, can be found at each of our retreats. Some of the key programs include:

Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre

Opened in 2017 in partnership with the University of Queensland, the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre at Spicers Hidden Vale is a purpose built facility housing a variety of vulnerable, threatened and endangered species.

The team at the Centre are focused on breeding programs, teaching and research of a range of native animals including koalas.

Green Energy Hydrogen Trial

Our $2,000,000 hydrogen renewal energy trial, in conjunction with the Queensland Government, means all our eco-camps will be off-grid without using diesel-powered generators. In time we hope to power all our retreats this way.

Hydrogen is safe to store and emits only water vapour during the conversion process. It’s also quiet which means our beautiful fauna is undisturbed.

Read more about the project here.

In-room Amenities

Over the last two years we have moved from using soap bars and small guest amenities bottles (shampoo, conditioner, etc) unable to be recycled in general recycling facilities to large refillable bottles. This transition has reduced our landfill waste contribution significantly.

We are proud to partner with Australian owned and manufactured brands aligned with our own sustainability ethos. Spicers Retreats now provide Leif products and the Scenic Rim Trail provides Perfect Potion products.

We also provide fresh filtered water in reusable glass bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles.

E-Waste Recycling

Each year millions of electronic devices like computers, mobile phones and televisions are discarded through general waste collection.

We work with local providers, such as Substation33, to refurbish or recycling our electronics when they reach the end of their life.

The Last Straw initiative at Spicers Retreats

No Plastic Straws

We no longer provide plastic straws across our entire group. Spicers recognised the devastating effect plastic straw pollution was having on our natural environment so we partnered with “The Last Straw”. By moving to no straws and paper straws we estimate we are saving up to 40,000 plastic straws from entering landfill.

Learn more about the devastating impact straws have on our environment here.

Sourcing Local

Buying local helps to reduce the carbon footprint and food mileage. Additionally, it supports the local farmers, jobs, and community. At Spicers Retreats we pride ourselves on buying locally and supporting the community.

Market Garden Spicers Tamarind

Glossy Black Coffee

Glossy Black Coffee

Our own coffee brand “Glossy Black Coffee” has been developed to raise awareness and protect the habitat and breeding grounds of the rare Glossy Black Cockatoo (distinguishable by the red window on its tail feathers). The Glossy Black Cockatoo’s habitat is found throughout South East Queensland, including the 20,000 acres of nature refuge the owners of Spicers currently hold.

Ten percent of the proceeds from the Glossy Black Coffee will go towards raising awareness and habitat rehabilitation and protection. This not only protects the Glossy Black Cockatoo but many other species of fauna and flora found within this majestic countryside.

Recycling Waste We Generate

We are committed to being a zero nett waste company by 2030. This means no by-products are sent to landfill – all materials are reused or recycled. Our retreats have all successfully transitioned from landfill only waste stations to waste sorting stations. New waste sorting procedures support recycling of the following items:

  • Bottle and can recycling in partnership with Scouts Australia
  • Cardboard recycling
  • Comingled recycling
  • Food waste is composted
  • Cooking oil is recycled
  • Participant in the Nespresso Pod recycling program
  • Recycle all printer cartridges and office supplies across the group
  • In-room recycling receptacles so guests can recycle their in-room generated waste

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