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You are invited into a new way of relating – one based on the authentic expression of the truth of your heart.

In this exclusive retreat you will learn from relationship embodiment experts Shannon and Rachel O’Brien:

  • Unique masculine and feminine practices that evoke deeper response from and connection with your partner.
  • How past wounds turn up in adult relationships and hold you back from revealing the truth of your heart.
  • How to transcend unhealthy patterns in relationships.
  • How to hold space, practice empathy and support each other’s needs.
  • How to bring more humour, joy, and physicality to your relationship.
  • And most importantly, how to love more deeply.

Spaces are limited to preserve the intimacy of this unique experience. Call 1300 311 429 to reserve your place at this exclusive event.

For women

  • Connect with your wild and creative feminine energy. Remember what it feels like to be in flow and pleasure, free of tension and stress.
  • Remember how to honour your needs and desires and communicate those fully and lovingly with your partner.
  • Reconnect to your passion and presence and learn to let go of the busyness that rules our day-to-day lives.
  • Learn to speak your needs and hold your boundaries.

For men

  • Learn how to cultivate a physically strong body, mind and nervous system that allows you to love and connect more deeply at all levels.
  • Learn cultivated practices for mindfulness that allow you to let go of stress and be more present and available for your partner and loved ones.
  • Reconnect to your purpose and engage your partner more fully in your deepest desires.
  • Learn how to stay strong and grounded in the face of ever-changing complexity of life as a modern man.

LGBTQIA+ Participants

  • In all of us, regardless of gender and sexual orientation, are the innate masculine and feminine energies. In this workshop we learn how to utilise each energy to enhance and develop relationships and connections

Shannon and Rachel O’Brien

Both Shannon and Rachel have learned about health, wellness, and relationship the hard way. Having both individually reached the upper echelons of Corporate Australia, endured marriage break downs and navigating life threatening illnesses they are now the living embodiment of artful deep loving. Determined to find a way back to vitality, purpose, and health they found themselves and a richer and more rewarding way to live.

As parents, business leaders and active community members at age 40 they started over. In the past 10 years they have studied nutrition, meditation, Kundalini yoga, breathwork and Yogic Embodiment. Together they understand the challenges and demands a busy life can place on relationship and they are on a mission to share all they have learned so that everyone can find more joy and balance to love deeply.

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